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Breeder of Quality Dogs​​
Since 2004
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All Parents Fully Genetic tested

Welcome to our Family Website!​​​​​​​
We are a family-run business from rural Camrose Alberta, Canada since 2004
BBB Accredited memeber
Our passion is Healthy Non shedding Hypoallergenic puppies of our 3 favorite breeds to be your future loving family member.
"Christian Doodles Alberta".
We Genetic Testes all our dogs thoroughly before breeding.Our Passion is to make Beautiful colours coats and Temperamants. Combining our favorite breeds with Poodle.
Schnauzer/Poodle    Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier  poodle
Cocker Spaniel/poodle
CKC and AKC Registered
Imported Quality Reputable Blood lines.

Miniature Schanuzers/Schnoodles

*Please visit our "​​​​​​​​ Available Puppies" page for available Schnauzers and Schnoodles*


​​Our Schnauzer/Schnoodle pups are $1900-$2200 plus GST.

(Price will vary with colour and genes)

Our Schnauzer puppies are ready to go home at 8 weeks of age.

Our Schnauzer pups come from purebred Genetic DNA Health tested parents ONLY.

Our Schnauzers come in all different colours!

All Schnauzers go home with:

1)  Proof of immunizations and a Certificate of Health from a licenced Vetrinarian

3)  Several dewormings 

4)  One year Health Guarantee

5)  Microchip implant

6) Care package

7) Mandatory spay/neuter contract

8) A full spa treatment

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​Our goal is to breed and nurture Miniature toy Schnauzers and Schnoodles not only for their temperments and beautiful coat colours, but for good health.​​​​​​​​​

All of our Schnauzer parents have had thourough DNA Genetic Health testing. We do NOT breed any two dogs that have not been cleared for their genetic health testing. Health is our main focus, and it is very important to us.

​The life expectancy of a miniature Schnauzer is 12-14 years. They show very little signs of aging until they are near their time. 

The Miniature Schnauzer usually ranges from 12 to 18 pounds, the Toy Miniature Schnauzer usually ranges from 7 to 12 pounds, and the Tea Cup usually ranges from 2.5 to 7 pounds. These smaller versions are everything their larger counter parts are, just in a smaller package. In the US some breeders have been carefully breeding for the smaller version for as long as 30 years with much success. Miniature Schnauzers are so dedicated to their family and so much fun! Seems one of these wonderful dogs is just never enough!

The  miniature schnauzer makes the perfect family pet! They require little room and can be just as much at home with no yard, as they are at home on the farm. They are good with children and other pets. Energetic, these dogs love to play with their masters, yet love to settle down and cuddle.​

They're very intelligent and easy to house train, love to learn tricks, and are very loyal. With their antics and facial expressions their often described as human like! They do not shed, which make them great for those who suffer from allergies, but do require regular grooming which is pretty minimal considering most of their coat is clipped or stripped. They should be clipped to keep that schnauzer appearance, or stripped if shown.  The miniature schnauzer is generally a very clean dog overall. 

Meet The Parents

"Icey" (Dam)​​

Icey has been completely DNA Genetic Health tested and CLEARED. Icey is AKC registered.

I cey is adorable (as you can tell). We love her pure white coat and baby blue eyes.. Icey creates the most beautiful pups. We love her to bits.Imported from Fort Mohave Nevada.

"Mary Poppins" (Dam)

Mary Poppins has been completely DNA Genetic Health tested and CLEARED. Mary Poppins is AKC registered.

She makes us laugh on the daily! She is one of the most "happy-go-lucky" dogs you will ever meet. We can't even begin to explain how funny she is! We call her "Mary-P" or "Poppins" for short.

"Phyllis" (Dam)

Phyllis has been completely DNA Genetic Health tested and CLEARED. 

Phyllis is a beautiful chocolate parti Schnauzer that  we kept from one of our litters as a baby. She is so humble and a pleaser.We love her dearly! She always greets us with a smile and tail wag, she lives to be held and loved.

Dunkaroo has been completely DNA Genetic Health tested and CLEARED. 

Dunkaroo is a beautiful chocolate parti merle Schnauzer that  we kept from one of our litters as a baby. Dunkaroo is the daughter to mary Poppins and  is so humble and a pleaser.Her temperamant is the same as her mother. So calm and so loving.

"Grafitti" has been completely DNA Genetic Health tested and CLEARED Schnauzer. 
Grafitti is 9 generations down from the original "Baron" who produces such calm and loving temperamants.

"Trump" (Sire)

Trump has been completely DNA Gnetic Health tested and cleared. Trump is AKC Registered. Trump was imported from Arizona, USA.

Trump has the most AMAZING "Mega" Coat we have ever seen on a Schnauzer. He is always happy and loves when we pick him up for snuggles. Trump is one of our most prized-possesion Schnauzers! He is very rare and makes the most breath-taking pups!

Dazzle has been completely DNA Gnetic Health tested and cleared. Dazzle is completely genetic tested.

Dazzle has a  "Mega" Coat and blue eyes. She is Registered and so goofy and loving!Coukldnt hurt a fly!