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Breeder of Quality Dogs​​
Since 2004
​Joshua 24:15​
​"As for me and my house; we will serve the Lord"

We will reply back to you as soon as possible if not please be patient as we our outside taking care of our critters and will contact you back as soon as we can 

Please note we try our hardest to take sundays for our family and church

Thank you 

All Parents Fully Genetic tested

Welcome to our Family Website!​​​​​​​
We are a family-run business from rural Camrose Alberta, Canada since 2004
BBB Accredited memeber
Our passion is Healthy Non shedding Hypoallergenic puppies of our 3 favorite breeds to be your future loving family member.
"Christian Doodles Alberta".
We Genetic Testes all our dogs thoroughly before breeding.Our Passion is to make Beautiful colours coats and Temperamants. Combining our favorite breeds with Poodle.
Schnauzer/Poodle    Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier  poodle
Cocker Spaniel/poodle
CKC and AKC Registered
Imported Quality Reputable Blood lines.

Welcome to our Available Puppies page.

On our available pups page you will find our 3 favorite breeds breed to Poodle or pure bred. 

Soft coated Wheaten/Poodle
Cockapoo Cocker spaniel/poodle

Dogs cycle and go into heat every 6 months to 1 year .Unfortunately most tend to go into heat all the same time. Therefore you will see us post several litters at once as we have to select which of our moms  we want to breed during that 1 week window .We can have months of no pups when the breedings are over.

So YES you will see our three favorite breeds on here at once.

We choose to be Transparent. We are not going to hide that we love these breeds by posting multiple websites to have one website per breed or having friends and family post one breed each to hide that they are running a puppy mill operation .That is not what we are about. We love all these breeds and some families are drawn to schnauzers  some to Wheatens some to Cockers. And we believe it is  wonderful that none of us are alike.We all have our favorites.
What you see on our website is who we are.

  We are very proud of our beautiful Healthy  mostly imported Bloodlines. All our parents are Fully Genetic Tested . We believe adopting  a family member should come with many years of a good life. Not Surprise Genetic issues like Sudden blindness with PRA or Genetic Kidney failure. Or many other known Hereditary Disorders.

Does this mean we are breeding a PERFECT PUPPY? The answer is NO. There is no perfect puppy just like their is no perfect Human. All we can do is our Best to feed Healthy natural food to our dogs, and do full testing on parents. Parents who do not pass our Genetic testing are spayed or neutered and homed as Pets.

Our Breedeing parents are also our loved pets. It is not easy for us to home our dogs on retirement. We love them all and their unique personalities and quirks. But realistically we cant keep everyone. We do however make sure our moms and dads are Spayed and  neutered and microchipped ,Full blood panels are done and Dental if needed. This ensures we can screen for a true home and not some puppy mill. We welcome any retired dog back if the placement does not work out.

We have invested 16 years of our lives into our dogs. Being a CKC Registered Breeder does not make us a good or right breeder.
Investing into good Healthy Bloodlines and feeding high Nutrition and Spaying and neutering any mom or dad that does not produce the Quality we are striving for is what we want to see for our program. We can not put puppies online for low  prices like many do. We have to re invest back into our Kennel and heat Air conditioning  Excellent food and Testing. Extra Vaccines and Several different types of Deworming. This is not a money making buisness. This is our Passion We invest HUGE amounts into what we love. "Dogs"
I cant tell you how many times I have had calls from families seeking a healthier pet this time.
  Or how many families who have purchased quick cheap no questions asked puppies who go home and pass away from improper vaccine protocols or genetic organ failure within the first year of life. Anyone selling puppies for a "Great deal" is not investing into excellent nutrition,many extra vaccinations,or Testing.If the price is considerable lower there is a reason.

Scammers are everywhere now. In the last 3 years we have had 4 families come to us who have sent money for pups they never received and never existed. Sadly it has become a world of such dishonesty and we can sure understand why people are leary now.
Being a CKC Registered breeder does not make one a "Reputable" Breeder. We personally have purchased CKC pups from Registered Breeders with Severe Genetic Health Issues and inbreeding showing up in their DNA and have had  at times had to Euthenize  because of such severe heart defects or spay neuter depending on the severity of the disease.

  We Truly Love our dogs and our farm animals. We have done a fair amount of rescue over the years  out of our own pockets. We love what we do.We enjoy seeing a animal gain a new life and a good life from what started as a  bad life.

We will always stand behind our dogs and offer breeder support .
We enjoy hearing back as to  how our pups are doing after they go home and we want to hear updates and see pictures. Some families still continue to update many years later and send pictures we love this! This bring us our greatest Joy.

If you are interested in one of our pups please feel free to fill out our quick application form.
Thank you Karen 

Please note that all of our family and dogs are isolated to the country. We have had alot of applications for pups. We are trying to get back to each one within the day. If we miss you please text me again at  780 679 4425
Thanks Karen

 Due to the Covid-19 We are having issues getting flights out with so many flights being stopped or cancelled. Please not if you are wanting a pup from BC you MIGHT have to drive.

Miniature Schnauzers
​Ready to go April 11


Fully Genetic tested  parents.
Mary Poppins is mom
 Goofy fun loving Schnauzer a non barker.

Always wagging her tail and Happy 17 lb

Fully Genetic tested  parents.
Both registered.
 Trump is a purebred Parti Miniature Schnauzer. Playful and so loving. 15 lb

"MINIATURE SCHNAUZERS Black and chocolate Parti

1900  plus gst  
Vet check
​Fully Genetic tested parents
Health insurance
​Health Guarantee

15 to 20 lb full grown

​Ready to go April 11                 $1900 plus GST

Samples of past offspring below 


AVAILABLE Miniature Schnauzers
​Ready to go April 11

"Juliana" is a Minature schnauzer 
Ready to go April 11

Available Chocolate and white  Parti Female
Juliana is on the small side I would expect her to be approx approx 16 lb

"Karini"  is a Miniature Schnauzer
Ready to go April 11

Available black white Parti female
Karini has a thick Mega coat and is solid build but not large. I would expect her to be approx 15 to 18 lb

Ready to go April 11

Available Dark chocolate Parti Male
Marcel has a thick Mega coat and is solid build. I would expect him to be approx 17 to 20 lb  

Please note....
  We are also homing some young adlts at this time. Please inquire 

MAY 12

Poodles are one of the Best Therapy dogs out there. Poodles are dedicated to their owners. Used alot as therapy dogs and Service dogs. They are in the worlds top 2 most intelligent dogs.Small poodles are known to be yappy and hyper. This is not the case. That is the breeding of the genetics of that breeds parents.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
  Poodles have a long life span of 12 to 18 years.They do not shed,and Love their humans.Love to snuggle.Poodles are by far our most favorite breed.


"Patsie Cline" Female
​Expected size 15 to 21 lb Brindle/Phantom Larger Miniature poodle

Blue merle female Available
​1900 plus gst

     I am listing these standard poodles for a excellent breeder of 6 years.
  She has done all the homework of good genetic testing and I have had alot of requests for standard poodles and have none at this time. I highly recommend this breeder!

Please apply with our application  here on our website and I will gladly forward them on to her.
   Thank you Karen



Oscar is a goofy well mannered, happy go lucky guy with lots of personality also a natural at all things obedience cuddly social butterfly. Oscar is 68 lbs 28 inches tall and show stopper everywhere he goes. Oscar has OFA certifies hips as excellent OFA certified heart and and eyes and genetically tested clear for diseases. Oscar is also a category 10 genetically on better bred and is very diverse diluted gene pool.

Moon is clear by parentage for the genetic conditions that Standard Poodles are prone too as well as Oscar is clear making puppies clear. Moon has had her eyes cleared for breeding by the opthomologist and heart cleared by the cardiac specialist results are submitted to OFA but not posted yet. Moon has had her hips physically examined but has not done OFA yet as she is not 2 years old.

​​‘ Fly me to the Moon litter’
​Born March 22 ready to go May 15

These excellent health Quality Poodles come with a 2 year genetic health guarantee, first vaccinations, microchip, registration, 1 month of pet insurance, life time breeder support and non breeding contract, a puppy care package including littermate scent blanket to help with transition home. Puppies are raised using puppy culture methods with early neurological stimulation, lots of socialization and both passive and active enrichment protocols,  puppies sleep in crates before going home.

"NOVA" $2000
Available Parti female

Expected weight 55 to 60 Lb full grown
​CKC Registered

"VEGA" $2000
Available Parti Male

Expected weight 55 to 60 Lb full grown
​CKC Registered

"SIRIUS" $2000
Available Parti Male

Expected weight 55 to 60 Lb full grown
​CKC Registered

"Titan" $2000
Available Parti Male

Expected weight 55 to 60 Lb full grown
​CKC Registered

​​​ "LUNA"  $2000
Available Parti female

​CKC Registered

"AURORA" $2000
Available Parti female

​CKC Registered