“We absolutely love the puppy we got from
 Karen and Megan.  Dexter has been the best; he
 was very easy to house train and is just the cutest
 little guy.  He has a very mild temperament, is very playful, and loves to be outside – especially in the grass.  He can however be quite stubborn.  We visited our puppy at Karen’s before we bought him and could tell that he was very well taken care of.  Karen was very knowledgeable about the breed and was able to offer a lot of information.  We are very satisfied customers!!!”
Richard and I were looking for a Wheaten Terrier puppy for our new home, we had been on a wait list for months when Richard found an advertisement for Wheaten Puppies online. He called Karen up as soon as he could and asked if she had any puppies left, Karen answered and made sure that we were serious about getting a puppy and that we were appropriate candidates for housing a wheaten; in no time at all we were on the wait list for a puppy. As soon as the puppies were born Karen notified us and kept us up to date with their progression through e-mails and photographs. We could contact Karen and Megan whenever we wanted to ask about the puppies and she was always quick to respond. We were able to go see the puppies when they were ready and we got the option to choose out our little guy. The family was professional, knew what they were talking about, and went through all the proper techniques to make sure the puppies were safe and clean. The puppies are all very loved and cared for and after leaving their home, I knew we had made the right choice by going through the Karen and Megan with this adoption. When it came time for the puppies to get immunized they made sure that they were up to date and that we were aware what was going on with the puppies checkups. When it was time to pick up our baby, they had everything ready for us when we arrived and made sure that we knew how to properly care for him, when his next shots would be, his medications, and any other little bits of information we may need to know. The overall experience of the adoption was smooth and we felt we were very well informed with what was going on and how our “little man” was doing. Miller has adapted well to our house and our family and has been easy to train and an absolute delight in our lives. 

Julie and Richard
  Karen Christian and her family have given us, the buyers, a wonderful experience. Our Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier was raised in a clean, well-fenced environment and provided with exceptional care and love. Karen is a professional breeder with years and years of experience. She not only breeds adorable puppies, but also rescues dogs in need as well, a very well-respected deed. I'd like to thank Karen for everything that she's provided for our puppy and hope that other puppy-buyers will come across such a fantastic breeder like we have!"

Hi Karen, So our little wheaten we have named Chewbarka, but we call him Chewie for short. He is quite the little guy too. He loves to nap in his water dish, yes in, not on. He also sometimes just goes for a little swim in there. I think he just likes to make a mess for someone to clean up. He has grown so much and so quickly. He is about 13 lbs now I believe so he is getting pretty big. He loves to play, especially with his friend Mushu, my sisters dog. She is a little yorkie cross so they are pretty close in size, although he is bigger than her now. They play non-stop but sometimes he gets to be a bit much for her so she jumps up on the couch for a rest. He isn't quite able to jump onto any furniture yet so she is safe up there, but I doubt that will last much longer. He is also a very smart boy and knows sit, lie down, come, and stay. Over the next few weeks he is going to start learning a few more tricks to go along with those. He is also doing very well with his house training and knows to ask to be let outside. The only accidents we have are when he is ignored when he sits at the door because he couldn't possibly need out again. He also knows the word NO! quite well and will stop what he is doing when you say it and give you those big puppy-dog eyes. He gets more loving everyday and now loves to give kisses every time someone come through the door.We loved the service we got from Karen and her daughter Megan. They were great at updating with any news of the puppies or anytime we asked. I loved being able to go out and see all of the puppies and where they lived and to know they were being properly cared for.

 Thanks so much for everything!

     Our family purchased a Wheaten Terrier from this breeder, as we had lost our beloved family dog after 10 years, and we are a family that loves dogs, and we love them to be a part of our family. As hard as it is to lose a dog that has become such a great part of your family and hearts, I have always believed it is a great gift to be able to give an animal a great loving home that they deserve. As dogs also give a huge part of themselves to your family as well.
    I had decided to stay within the terrier line after losing our Airedale, and after much research I had chosen the Wheaten Terrier. The Wheaten Terrier is a low shedding dog, and seemed to have a great temperment, as I have a 6 year old son. I had also decided to go with more of a medium sized dog as well. 
   After finding Karen   on the internet I contacted her and she was so very helpful in providing information about the Wheaten Terrier, and was also a very kind woman. Karen was also very good at providing information and tools for at home care for when we took our new puppy home! Once I saw pictures of the puppies, I was in love. When we arrived at Karens house, we had to choose one puppy from three to take home. This is no easy task. Karen and her family were quite accommodating in letting us take our time in deciding which puppy seemed best for us. 
    Max also loves my 6 year old son, and any of his friends that come over! In fact he is always the most pleased to see my son after school! Max has also been doing great with learning to listen and responding to our different voice tones as well. He definitely loves praise and positive affirmation, and seems to respond the best to be rewarded for positive behaviour! All in all this has been a great choice for our family, and Max is fitting, and adjusting very well into our lives! I am most pleased with our decision to go with the Wheaten Terrier as our next family pet, and I have not had a moment of regret, just so pleased to have him! In fact my parents are going to get a Wheaten Terrier as well!        Desiree,

                                                                      Drayton Valley  Alberta

Hi Karen,
Just wanted to let you know that "Crosby" not Mycroft, not Rocky :) is doing quite well.  He seems to be feeling comfortable, his tail even wagged this morning when he saw me, and he layed with the kids in their beds and seemed quite at home.  A few poops - outside thankfully, all except one!! But all in all he is doing great! We LOVE him!! The kids were so happy to see him, we bathed him when we got home, just to give him a little freshen up from his flight! :) He did well! He was sitting up nicely looking so handsome when the kids came home. Simon, our son turned around and had a big smile on his face and said...."I LOVE our dog!!" So thank you allowing us to have first dibs on him! Our daughter Daphka loves him too!!

Hope you are having a good day!
Enjoy the sunshine!

Hello Karen,
Connor is doing great, now.  We play in the snow a little each day. I forgot what it was like to have a puppy. 
But I am not complaining he has to taste everything and he loves his toys he would like to love the cat but that's not happening yet. Thank you so much for this little monster we love him!!!!!

Dear Karen,
 This is a letter from the family that brought Annie home with us in the late summer. First just letting you know her appt to be spade is on the 5th of Jan. However this is not just about letting you know when her spade date is its about much more! It’s about letting you know how truly happy we are with our beautiful pup. Thank you from the bottom of our heart for being such loving and caring breeders. It is a gift to have our “Molly”. She has a disposition I have never before seen in a puppy, its so calm yet playful and sweet. She has never chewed anything that has not been her own toy, or ever been aggressive toward our family. She trains like a dream and even reminds me of things she is supposed to do even if I forget, such as waiting at the door when she comes in from outside to have her feet wiped and a little treat for being such a good girl. Its tradition for Dave to pick her up in the evening to give her cuddles on his lap and tell her what a good girl she is. We love our little girl and owe much of that to you from your love and care you gave her and her mother before she came to us. Thank you, thank you ,thank you.

warmest regards,

The Machados.

Hi Karen,

Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas holiday and that Santa was good to everyone. 
Our holiday was great surrounded by family and friends. 
Henry was an excellent addition to our celebrations and was so comfortable 
with the crowd of people that were in our home Christmas Eve. 

   Henry has been a very happy and healthy young pup. 

     At six months Henry has been very responsive to training. He will sit, stay and come on request, go lie down, find it, down position and shake a paw. In the
new year we will begin more puppy training courses. I'm recovering from knee surgery and should be good to go with Henry in Jan. We are just looking for a 
reputable place to help with his continued training. If you have any suggestions please let us know. 

If you have any more questions don't hesitate to contact us. 
We thank you again for our wonderful furry friend and family member.
We love him more than you can imagine. 

Best wishes for a Happy New Year
God Bless,
Andrea Draganiuk 
Hi Karen & Megan,

As per the contract, I have attached the doctors notice of spay for our Wheaten Terrier. 
  We fell in love with our little bundle of fur the first moment we saw her! Six months later, people are still chasing us down in the streets to find out who she is. Ruby has brought us so much joy, we just can't imagine our life without her!

Matty and Elisa

Some of our previous adoptive famililes..We welcome you to read their stories  below .
   We really love to hear from you our previous customers.These are like our children to us and we love hearing back to see how your puppy is  doing..
  Please feel free to send us updated emails and Pictures any time !!
  We love to receive them.
Our SCWT Sires and Dams are NOT out of Canadian blood lines.
Our Puppies go home with 
~~all Vaccinations up to date,several 
~~Complete vet check,
~~Microchip implant,
~~one year Health Guarantee,
~~Information package,
~~Preventative medicine,
~~extra dewormings,
~~and well socialized with children, other dogs,and very much Loved. :-)

Simply put: we have the greatest two dogs ever! Ya I know everyone thinks that, but our two wheaten puppies (Ellie and Bella) really are amazing. They are friendly, well-behaved, playful and of course non-shedding soft and cuddly. Our experience purchasing our dogs from Karen and Megan was excellent. They were very accommodating to us and yet you could tell they cared deeply for the dogs and ensured we were prepared to give our puppies the proper care. Karen took the time to answer all our questions about caring for the puppies and it has clearly paid off as Ellie and Bella made the transition to our home brilliantly. I can't go anywhere with our puppies without people exclaiming about how cute and well behaved they are. And I can't stop telling people how awesome Wheaten Terriers are and that they should contact Karen Christian if they are interested. Thanks Karen and Megan. -Jeff Warner and Ann Pierzchalski. 
Hello  My name is Karen.

Please contact me at 780-679-4425  through text message if possible.  I  am  usually so busy with animal care. 
   We find it overwhelming to come home to up to 50 messages on the phone  but with text I can make sure I get back to you and you are not lost in the shuffle.
    Thank you for your understanding.
Please visit our reference page below
    I am  Looking forward to having a playmate for Barley and another dog to LOVE!!! I am soooooooooooooooo hooked. This dog has changed me. Thank you for what you do!!!
..I can only see, now that we have a dog, the way they are exactly like a family member...... the way they rely on you and look you in the eye for approval... We will be patient (or try) for our next wheaten puppy from you . Whenever it works for you. I CANNOT imagine your house. You look after them like your own babies, but they aren't coming one at a time, they are many at once. Bathing them, grooming them, feeding, loving, delivering to airports etc. etc. What a job!!! We truly appreciate what you do!!!


Thank you so much as always for your diligence in filling us in with the abundance of information! It is so refreshing to have found a breeder who truly CARES about the puppies and wants what's best for them not just in the short term, but also the long term! 

Oscar has been a huge boost to this family and has undoubtedly helped us recover from losing our last wheaten. From the moment we grabbed him from your loving arms, he has been putting smiles on our faces and has received nothing but love from us! But you can tell he does miss your loving home and his family! However, it has been as smooth a transition as we could have hoped, and that is a true testament to all the help and advice you have provided, as well how well you raise them!

he has a wild and hilarious personality, but also has the loving and caring nature that we love about wheatens. Nothing brightens my day more than coming home to the wheaten greetin' we have missed so dearly. To anyone having doubts about wheatens, erase those doubts. They are beautiful dogs, and have even better personalities. You truly add another family member who will become loved by all who meets them!

Again, thank you so much for your support and help through this process. You are a wonderful breeder and more importantly a great person. It is not difficult to see the exuberant passion you have for what you do. Keep it up!

Thank you!  

Ryan, Sheila, Jill, Kevin and Oscar! 

We love our new puppy! We have named him Cormick. Thank you again for giving us this wonderful opportunity. 
   Heather and Morris Flynn 
    Karen and family were so amazing in helping us find the perfect puppy. 
        We adopted Huxley in April and he is such a great dog!! We absolutely love him. He took a few days to get to know us and our house, but quickly made himself at home. We have had him for about a month and we have already taught him to sit, lay down, and shake a paw! He is such a smart puppy. He has done very well with house training too, not too many accidents. He is such a loving and social dog, he wants to play with anyone or anything that is willing to play back. Pretty much anytime we leave the house with Huxley someone stops to ask us what kind of dog he is, where we got him, or just stop to pet him! 
  After we went to get his next round of shots the vet was impressed with how healthy he was and had absolutely no concerns.
    After meeting Karen and her daughter it was immediately clear that they care very much for each and every puppy, and genuinely care that they go to good homes. Huxley is a busy puppy, so we are not looking to add another one to the mix yet, but we would definitely be back if we ever decide to get a second dog. Nothing but good things to say about our experience!  

Tim & Renee Fundytus

Hi Karen,
We love our Rosalita (aka Rosie). She was named after a Bruce Springsteen song and judging by the energy she has, Rosie could be a Rock Star too!!! It's been great learning abou...t her and watching her grow. Everyday she surprises us with something new. She has added so much joy to our lives and although she keeps us busy, having Rosie with us has forced us to slow down and enjoy the moment. In between our hectic schedule, we sit on the floor and cuddle, we go for walks, we laugh at silly puppy things, the list goes on...
Karen, we are so grateful that we were given your name by a friend. The many endless discussions with you prove to us how much you love animals, and especially dogs. We appreciate the genuine concern you have for our pup and your willingness to answer questions even after we brought her home. Thank you!
Our Rosie is doing well. She adjusted to her new home very quickly and even has a few friends in the neighbourhood. Rosie is growing and learning everyday. Her favourite thing to do on walks is to greet people. Our daughter titled it "The Wheaton Welcome".
Enjoy the pictures!!!
Nella, Randy, Jennah and EmilySee More
Hello Karen,attached are pictures  of our lovely (and rapidly growing!) puppy. 
Cormick is a healthy and very curious puppy who's full of energy and has brought Heather and I much happiness. Next week we take him for a checkup and his third round of shots.
  Again, thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to be Cormick's very grateful guardians.
Best regards,

Morris and Heather

Arkansas  Male  Produces beautiful
         coats and dispositions
Connor Now
Im all grown up now 
and Loved so much!!!
Connor goes to his new home!
.Hi Karen, I would like to apologize for having taken so long to give you an update on Murdoch. Josie and I have been busy with planning a wedding, and I was recently laid off, so things around here have been hectic. But we have always made time for our little friend. He has grown a very healthy and wonderful addition to our lives. Everyone he meets absolutely falls head over heels in love with him. He constantly brings a smile to the face of everyone he encounters, whether at our house or on the walking trails. He is roughly 35 lbs now and the vet told us in very good shape. He is simply the most mild mannered dog Josie and I have ever met. To hear him bark is a rare thing, and if you didn't know any better, you wouldn't even know there is a dog in the house. Josie has since referred a few people to your website because they want their very own Murdy. He has made owning a dog very simple (though the constant texts near the beginning might make you think otherwise hahaha). Josie and I would like to thank you very much for this precious companion, and the answers to my constant barrage of texts and emails. We can not imagine a life without him now. Should we decide down the road that Murdy needs a brother or sister, we know where we will go to find him one. Thank you very much Matt and Josie
Dear Karen,
Just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the care and work you do raising your dogs and pups. Our new puppy Griffin is such a delight! From the moment we came to your farm to see your dogs and the puppies, we knew we had picked a good breeder! It was very apparent that your dogs are so loved and the puppies - how SWEET! We needed a dog with a good temperament for our familiy which is what we saw in all the dogs at your place. And we couldn't have been more happy when we finally got to take our little guy (Griffin) home. Did you know that the puppy you picked for us is the same one we loved when we came to your farm? Thank you for the attention he got from your vet, from you and from your family - we can tell he is a strong healthy puppy. He is very well socialized as well and loves to be with everyone in the family. We can't believe either how smart he is! Already at 10 weeks, he is learning many commands and is very good at coming when we call him.  

Thanks once again!


Heidi Graham

Hi there!My name is Keltie and I purchased a puppy from you way back when in February ,I have attached a couple of photos of my beautiful Nova, she has the most entertaining personality! I absolutely love her and so does everyone that gets to meet her! Thank you so much for taking the time and care you put into your puppies because it truly makes a difference! 

Karen Christiansen, “Mamma K” as we affectionately call her now has made a very meaningful and deep impression in our hearts and lives. Thanks to her guidance, direction, support and love, we’ve found the perfect dog for us; Teddy! 
    We found Karen by googling Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers breeders in Alberta. Immediately after contacting Karen on her website, she telephoned us. We found her to be very welcoming, warm and knowledgeable right off the bat. Instantly she felt like family to us. We contacted Karen back in May 2012 and Teddy was born on August 06, 2012. In those three months, Karen allowed us to make numerous visits to her home and responded to all of our inquiries and questions. She helped immensely with our preparation for the arrival of our new baby! The experience in it’s entirety of meeting Karen and her family was a wonderful one and we feel blessed to have had such a positive experience with our first breeder. Her generosity and love of animals is palpable the moment you step into her home. Karen’s Wheatens are well cared for and nurtured. Not only did she send one of her dogs to be part of our family, she made us a part of hers. We’d highly recommend her services!
                                                                           Betty and Jason
We got Kali (AKA Jellybean) on September 26th after much thought about how a new puppy would fit into our family with 3 boys, ages 5, 7 and 12. Our boys had been begging us to get a dog for a long time and both my husband and I grew up with dogs in our home so we were thrilled when we finally made the decision to get a puppy and couldn’t wait to bring her home. 

Kali has settled into our home very quickly and continues to show us how smart, loyal and playful she is! She has been quick to learn and was easily kennel-trained. Our boys love to wake up and race down to greet and play with her. They are constantly talking about how much they love her. Kali’s energy has been contagious and we love every minute with her! We keep joking that someday we might want to get another Wheaten so that Kali has a friend. You might hear from us again! We have been nothing but pleased so far and Kali is an awesome addition to our family!

Thank you so much to the Christian family who were friendly, knowledgeable and overall great people. We are pleased to know them and they have been available to answer any questions that we have had since we got our puppy.

Hi Karen
Have I told you lately how much we love this puppy?
We have had several different dog breeds over the years, Lab,Doberman,Boxer, Border Terrier, Standard Schnauzer. Of coarse we loved them all, but this one is really special. She is so easy to train, so affectionate and calm, (after the Wheaten Greet'n). She is so good with the cats, sits back and watches while they eat after only telliing her no a couple of times. She never seems to get stressed, if we have to leave her home or in the vehicle(not very often!) she is never worried when we get back. You probably hear this all the time though. I'm so glad we chose a Wheaten. 

Take Care
Don and Loree

Hi Karen, thanks for getting back to me so quick.
He is doing great. Learning new tricks and we go to off leash areas now and are working on recall and socialization, including when to call it quites when playing. We love him too pieces. Still the odd accident in the house when we don'y pay close enough attention, but over all doing great. Everyone we run into thinks he is a gorgeous teddy bear. He is a true testiment to his breed very stubborn and he is the happiest puppy I have ever known. Thank you for an amazing dog. 
Thank you
Jolene Valin 

Hi Karen, Just thought you might like a little update on Chewbarka. So he isdoing wonderfully. He is definitely the biggest wheaten I have everseen and just keeps growing! He is about 45 lbs now but still nice andfit, he is just that big. He also has these lovely big paws and abeautiful fluffy coat. He has never gone as curly as the last wheatenwe owned but he has mantained closer to a puppy coat which I think iseven better. He is also one of the happiest, friendliest dogs I haveever known, although that may be a biased opinion. And of course hestill has that lovely helicopter tail that spins in circles everytimehe gets excited.With winter back again he can't get enough of the snow and there is afield by our house where I take him when I am home and he boundsthrough it having the time of his life. He also likes to just bury hisface and run sometimes which is pretty funny to watch.All of my parents family friends, who had thought they were crazygetting a new dog, can't get enough out of Chewie and continually tellme he is the perfect dog. He really is the perfect dog. In fact, mybrother's new wife who has never had a dog and was quite indifferentto them has now decided she wants a wheaten because of how much sheloved Chewbarka.I honestly can't thank you enough for this perfect little furball. Idefinitely make sure everyone knows where I got him from because youobviously have a good breeding line. My brother was actually hoping hemight be able to get a dog from you in the summer but I understandthat might not be possible if you are between litters.Anyway, I hope all is well with yourself and your family. I haveattached a few pictures for you to enjoy! Just a little description ofa few of them: He is wearing a birthday crown in one to celebrate hisfirst birthday. Can't say he was entirely thrilled but he got a lot oftreats for it. He is wearing an olympic bronze medal in another, justshowing how talented he truly is. And the one of him in my arms wasfrom Christmas just showing he really is my baby. That is my favouritepicture of us. Thanks,Grainne

Hello. My name is Charity  from Hinton. We purchased a wheaten from you in January, we called him Weasley :) He is absolutely wonderful <3 The joy he has brought to our family is unexplainable. He was absolutely born to be a part of our family and we are thankful every day that he came into our lives. I know now I will always have a wheaten as they are the most incredible breed I have ever known. He is so smart and loving. He loves to hit the trails and is a total waterdog! We could not be happier with him. Even our vet calls him a "real gem" :) Thank you so much for allowing us to bring him home with us..

Thank you again 


Hi Karen,

Just wanted to send a quick email to let you know that Charlie and Fancy are doing wonderful. They have a full house and yard to play in with no restrictions. I've added several doggy doors to allow them to come and go as they please. They sleep in the bed with us and we take them for walks twice a day. Charlie is such a character he is funny to watch as he has such a personality. Fancy is like night and day to Charlie but once she warms up to you she is so smart and loves playing games. She would do wonders in those dog agility course as she can jump so high and run so fast. They mean so much to us and words can't express how much they have changed our lives in such a wonderful way. Just wanted to say thanks again for allowing them to be part of our family and we are forever grateful. Here are a few new picks and we hopefully will have the chance to bring them to your farm to see them in the future.

Thanks again 

We got Teddy Bear in the summer of 2013 and immediately fell in love with her. As she gets older her personality continues to develop and it seems like she just gets cuter and cuter as time goes by. She absolutely loves other dogs, including our older dog Nellie, and people. She is the most social dog we've ever had and she makes us laugh every day. Going to the dog park is an especially funny experience because she loves to be chased, and as soon as we get there she has a whole pack of dogs running after her in circles. She's in her glory. She always seems to be the life of the party and is a very, very important part of our family!

I wanted to send you the latest on our male puppy we adopted from you and your family business Christian Doodles. I fell in love with him the moment I saw him. We named him Cooper. Our children just love him to pieces. Cooper has been an amazing addition to our family, he has such a personality, so soft and cuddly. Any time we go for a walk and he sees a stranger he will be wagging his tail as fast as he can so they notice him. Very friendly and loving. We couldn’t have asked for a better puppy. I wanted to thank you for making this adoption process easy and smooth. I will continue to send updates, as for now he will be very much loved and adored each and every day! 
"Jasmine" Grand daughter  to our long lived Bloodline
From DNA Lines
 Her offspring are now our new and upcoming mothers. Front page map is grandmother.

Front Page maps Line is active in several commercials.
  -Superbowl half time
  - Best Buy
   -Home depot
   -Century 21
Page's grandchildren Taking part in a talk show. 2 of these girls are our Two sisters. Page and Map
We could not be happier with getting our wheaten terrier Toby from Karen. She is amazing with her dogs, so knowledgeable and experienced. The visits to her home to see the pups confirmed to us how well cared for and loved they all are. We were very impressed with her service and the quality of care. Toby is a typical wheaten and is the perfect dog for our family. We highly recommend Karen to anyone looking for a great family dog.
                                       McElheran Family

 Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers. American Not Canadian. 

Please contact us by phone or text

wheaten terriers are $2000 Plus GST

I can’t say enough good things about our experience buying our puppy, Scout, from Karen Christian. My husband and I knew we wanted to buy our son a Wheaten Terrier eventually so we started to do some research on the internet about breeders in our area. I had read horror stories about picking a breeder on the internet, but when we saw the Christian Doodles web site we were immediately drawn to it because of all the pictures of the dogs and Karen’s family, and the testimonials from previous customers. We weren’t even planning on getting a puppy so soon but I kept thinking about the puppies Karen had available and finally gave her a call. When I spoke with Karen I felt comfortable immediately. She was very engaging and sincerely concerned about where her puppies went to live. After she asked me a lot of questions about our family and talked to me about owning a Wheaten puppy, we both agreed that a male puppy would come home with us right before Christmas to surprise our son as an early Christmas gift.  
   when we told people we were getting a Wheaten puppy for our son we got a lot of sceptical looks and stories about crazy Wheatens they had known. Wheaten Terriers have a reputation for being hyper working dogs that require a huge amount of exercise. Karen assured me that she breeds her Wheatens with calm temperaments. Now that we have Scout I can say without hesitation that she has a magic touch with her dogs. Not only is he calm for a Terrier, he is the calmest dog I have ever owned regardless of breed (after he finishes the Wheaten Greetin’, of course!) Scout was very well socialized when we brought him home and even slept quietly in his new crate the first night he was with us. Now, at six months, he is sweet, lovable, great with other dogs and children, and easy to train. He is also gorgeous with his fluffy coat and dark eyes! When we take him places people always stop us to comment on what a cute and friendly dog he is and to ask questions about him. Scout was a gift for our son, but now he has become part of our family because we all love him so much!

    I am forever grateful to Karen for all her help and advice leading up to Scout coming home with us and after he was our puppy. I have a string of texts a mile long with both of us sharing pictures and me asking for, and receiving, advice. I have also spoken to her many times about various concerns I have had and she has always been kind, courteous and very helpful. I am so happy we stumbled across the Christian Doodles web-site when we did!


The Campbell Family

Hi Karen,

Dr Watson is doing very well and continues to be an endless source of joy in our lives.
Take Care,

Michael and Chrissy
 Shadow is an amazing pet! You are a wonderful breeder and much thanks for all the care you take. Hes great just, love him to bits! 

I have met a few wheatens that people got from you in the last year and a half! Everyone loves shadow and we rave about your awsomness

​They say that great things come in small packages and I have had the privilege of spending the last several months getting to know an amazing little girl. Allie just turned four months old and has quite a unique personality which I hope will stay with her because there is never a dull moment when she is around. she is a very intelligent little girl that has learned some many little tricks from ringing a bell to go outside to only taking food from the left hand even when I'm driving down the roads knows the difference from right to left hand. I still have lots I want to teach her and that will take time but she is well worth the effort. 
    Allie spends 24/7 with me and she gets to see a lot of the country side. she gets to meet so many people in our travels and everyone loves her.she does one thing that I find unique and that is when she sits or sleeps beside me her paw or head have to be ono me. she also doesn't like to leave you a choice when she wants to play, she tends to pester you until you give in. lol Allie and I have a long road ahead of us and I can't wait to add more photos to our collection.

special thanks to Karen for raising such a well natured breed.

Austten & Allie

    The day we got our baby wheaten we fell in love with her before we even got to our car. We decided on our way home to name her Phoebe. Since then she has brought so much joy and happiness into our home. She is full of energy and has a very big personality that she loves to show off. Everyone she meets loves her at first sight. She is incredibly friendly and loves to play, cuddle and kiss anyone she meets, including other dogs! 
She is our little baby and we couldn't imagine having any other dog. She is perfect and we absolutely love her. 
Thank you Karen and her family for letting us bring this bundle of love into our home! We are forever grateful. 
Phoebe says hi to all her brothers and sisters!

This is Ken and Tracy  Fort St. John, BC.  

We purchased a female wheaton from you on November 29, 2014 (her mom was Diva and dad was Arkansas) - anyway we named her Oakley and she is the best puppy ever! We love her so much and she is such a good addition to our family.

Winston is doing great, loves his favorite toy... My 3 yr old son Levi they are inseparable and wrestle all the time and Winston usually has him pinned down with kisses! he's ringing the bell by the back door when he wants to go out and is fully housetrained:) he's full of energy and loves everyone, definitely part of the family 
   Oakley is a bundle of energy filled with nothing but pure love and the sweetest disposition a dog could have. Oakley came into our family shortly after we had to say goodbye to our 15 yr old Shih-Tzu/X (Bear). We still have a 9yr Old Shih-Tzu/X (Kahlua) who was left very lost and missing her best friend so we knew we would be getting another pet and had considered a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier but were hesitant to mix the two different breeds considering the variation in their size and energy levels. After chatting with Karen and discussing our concerns we decided to go ahead and as such, Oakley arrived full tilt into our home and hearts. It was a bit of a rocky first week as Oakley and Kahlua got use to each other in fact, Kahlua ended up with a brief stay in the "Cone of Shame" after an unfortunate accidental eye scratch incident but Oakley snuggled up right beside her as she healed up and has yet to leave her side. We can't say enough about how much joy and love our Wheatie brings into our family. He is smart as a whip and at 4 months old already has the ringing of the bell to go outside and his sit/stays mastered. Karen is wonderful to work with and you can tell how much she truly cares about these dogs from the before care to the aftercare and then the follow up. Thank you Karen for bringing this Furry ball of pure happiness into our family!
Hi Karen!!! Just wanted to let you know Hatrick is doing amazing!! We love him more and more everyday. We are constantly being asked what kind of dog he is and where did we get him because he's so adorable! He also gets to see his brother Oakley almost every week! I'm sending you a few cute photos and a slow motion video we took of him playing fetch which is hilarious. Hope you guys are all doing well!!!
Hi Karen! I hope you had a great Christmas!! My name is Stacey Beaupre, we purchased puppy number 4 of Maggies litter from you in September, his name is Eugene. He's doing great, we love him so much, he has brought so much joy and love into our lives : )