Hi Karen,

Sulley has been a joy since day one. For us he is the definition of happiness. He's always making us laugh with the goofy things he does, like when he goes turbo and dekes-out every dog in the park along the way. Besides being funny though he's also brilliant. He'll pick up any trick you can teach him like how to count, pick a hand, or back up. Seems like we can't think of new tricks fast enough! Honestly, he's the best decision we've ever made and he's filled our home with more love and happiness than we could have ever imagined.

Thanks for everything Karen!

Corey, Claire & Sulley
Hi Karen! I hope you had a great Christmas!! My name is Stacey Beaupre, we purchased puppy number 4 of Maggies litter from you in September, his name is Eugene. He's doing great, we love him so much, he has brought so much joy and love into our lives :
Hello Karen! Soju started obedience training today! Hands down top of the class already!!
He listens so well I think we just wasted.our . $200.dollars lol.
Hi Karen,
We wanted to send you an update on Oliver, who we first met as Maggie pup #6. He is happy, healthy, and extra bouncy. The best part of our day is opening the door and watching him run towards us. He doesn’t just wag his tail; his whole back end moves side-to-side when he gets excited.
Oliver is smart, playful, and extremely stubborn. But in a good way… he just knows what he wants. He’s very fast and loves running off leash at Hawrelak Park. If he’s not wrestling with another dog, he’s zigzagging through the trees, running up and down hills, and trying to entice other dogs into a game of chase. It takes at least an hour to tire him out, sometimes two.
But Oliver’s favourite thing (after his homemade frozen peanut butter and yogurt treats) is people. He wants to meet everyone we pass on the street, and he looks really confused if they walk by without saying hello to him. But most stop to shower him with attention. They always ask what kind of dog he is and where we got him. We’re happy to direct them to your website. You were a huge help in picking the right dog and a wealth of information on how to raise him. After hearing so many breeder horror stories, it was nice to find one who obviously cares so much for her dogs.
Oliver’s appointment to be neutered is January 15. I will send you the paperwork then.
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Ours certainly was with this fluffy ball of joy in our lives.
Sheena, Patrick and Oliver
Megatron She is 6 months now. She is a great dog. very good with other dogs and kids very loving and loyal. 
She loves to play and go for walks. 
Thank you Christian doodles for all your help and knowledge. 
Natasha & Eric 

"We got our beautiful Wheaton Terrier, Wilson from Karen.

    We had previously got another puppy from her a few years before that so knew she was the one we wanted to go back to for our next puppy. In a day and age when most reputable breeders are lumped in with the back yard breeders, Karen has continued to shine as someone who puts a little dash of love and a piece of her heart into each puppy she raises.

  To prove that there is a vast difference between the two! My boy Wilson is the most laid back, wonderful puppy ever! He's a big loveable clown who makes me laugh every single day with his antics. Last summer he started having tummy problems and got very sick. We were literally steps from rushing him to the emergency vet when Karen intervened and got us the help we needed at her own vet. She dropped everything she was doing to meet us there and then followed up with us over the next week until he was better. Who does that???? Karen does. Because it's all about the love of these animals for her. Guess who I'll be going to when the time comes for my next fur baby?"
Hi Karen!!! Just wanted to let you know Hatrick is doing amazing!! We love him more and more everyday. We are constantly being asked what kind of dog he is and where did we get him because he's so adorable! He also gets to see his brother Oakley almost every week! I'm sending you a few cute photos and a slow motion video we took of him playing fetch which is hilarious. Hope you guys are all doing well!!!
Hi Karen....thought I'd give you a quick update. We got our puppy safely delivered by our wonderful daughter, Stephanie about two weeks ago.....what was I thinking? We are empty nesters that have been dog less for 6 years. No responsibilities....no worries.....Then Casey came!!!! She is incredible! She learned come, sit and down in one day. She's doing pretty good with house training. She gives us cues, we just have to be more on the ball. (I'll have to carry treats in my pocket for my husband). She has learned how to play with our kitty (who out weighs her by 10lbs) without driving him nuts. But mostly she has managed to wrap us around her little paw and be the biggest sook ever. She's like having a real life Gund teddy bear except with puppy kisses. She's become my husbands best friend and will soon be my best hiking buddy. I'll send pictures soon.

Karen....I have to tell you...we have never known such a calm well behaved puppy. Thank you for your amazing breeding of well behaved Wheatons. ❤
Hello Karen! 
He is such a wonderful boy. Still does not bark and is very well behaved. He starts obedience training in January. I'm sure he'll be the star of the class. ☺
Have a very Merry Christmas!

 to our second page of updates from previous customers.. Hope you enjoy the pictures they have so kindly shared with us .
Hi there;

We adopted Briar from you in August  Thought you'd like to see her most-recent photo. She is a fabulous puppy and is doing so well in our household. Our other dogs are getting along great with her. She is very smart and picks up things very quickly. We are very happy.

Kim Palichuk
Time out for all 3
Good morning Karen just wanted to give you an update on Rza she is doing amazing and really settling in😊we love her oh so much and we have completed pup classes and she did amazing
Hi Karen, It's been a while since I've sent anything from Ont. Callie was spayed on Monday last. She did really well & today she was anxious to run again (although she' not allowed to yet), she's eating well, & is interested in her toys again. This pic is of her first haircut. Callie is a very smart & playful & a joy to us. Once she masters obedience classes we hope to get her into agility courses. She' quick to learn ( when it suits her) & happiest when she's active - boundless puppy energy.
It might be Easter this weekend but we're in the middle of a snow/ice storm - so much for Spring weather. But we wish you a blessed Easter with your family.
Pat & Harry

Hi! Just wanted to send you a quick update on our little Murphy Brown! We love this little guy so much. He has fast adjusted to our family and has such a little personality. We're super thankful for his amazing temperament and he is a very social and gentle puppy. Thank you for your great work breeding him. 
-Bobby-Jo and Pat
Hi Karen,

Sorry it's been SO long and this email is very much overdue!! We are doing fabulous with our wonderful puppy Hurley (and no, we didn't name him Marvellous, although he is definitely marvellous!). He is a fantastic dog, very smart and totally loveable... can't imagine life without him! He is very trainable and has done so well with all our rules and guidelines. Lol! :)  
We did have him neutered when he was five months old and he did well with that too. He had the cone of shame while camping... poor dog! :)  

Hurley is just absolutely wonderful. Thanks so much for all your advice and patience with us while we were searching for the perfect puppy. We appreciate your time and your expertise when it comes to caring for puppies! Thanks also for letting us come and visit during the vet check. I think the kids will always remember that experience and getting to pick out their new puppy.

Malinda and family
Hi Karen!

Our pooch Hurley is FANTASTIC. He is such a great dog! We love him to bits and always get lots of compliments on how well-behaved he is. He just had his second birthday and we actually bought him a few things 'cuz last year I didn't think it was a big deal and the kids got mad at me. ;)

Hurley gets spoiled with lots of hikes and long walks and just recently we've taken him biking too... he's pretty good at loping along at the perfect pace with the bike and then once we get to the off leash area, off he goes! His recall is fantastic and he's also learned that some dogs don't appreciate him so he passes on and doesn't bother them. He loves camping, and he loves jumping in lakes and he loves sledding with the kids! He's the perfect family dog and we're very blessed to have him. :)

Thanks for checking in... it was good to hear from you! Hope all is well,

Marvellous Malinda Helder
The boys love him ! When they pet him on his walks he walks faster so they call it turbo pets;) Cooper follows the boys everywhere in the house:)
Everyone just loves him! People stop us constantly on our walks to pet him. We met one of his relatives, shadow...3yrs old. He's doing really well:)
Tessa loves cuddles from her daddy! 

She is doing wonderful and we sincerely love her so much!! She is a perfect companion for us ❤️
Hi Karen,

Just wanted to send a quick email to let you know that Charlie and Fancy are doing wonderful. They have a full house and yard to play in with no restrictions. I've added several doggy doors to allow them to come and go as they please. They sleep in the bed with us and we take them for walks twice a day. Charlie is such a character he is funny to watch as he has such a personality. Fancy is like night and day to Charlie but once she warms up to you she is so smart and loves playing games. She would do wonders in those dog agility course as she can jump so high and run so fast. They mean so much to us and words can't express how much they have changed our lives in such a wonderful way. Just wanted to say thanks again for allowing them to be part of our family and we are forever grateful. Here are a few new picks and we hopefully will have the chance to bring them to your farm to see them in the future.

Thanks again 
Paisley is doing wonderful! :) she's such a great dog! She's so friendly and gentle and everyone just adores her. :) she seems to be very happy
Thank you for such a good puppy😍

Hi Karen,
Just wanted to send you a pic of Crosby... He just turned 1 on Monday!! He is the greatest and we love him so much! Thought I'd let you know he is doing well ...he has really been a blessing to our family!
Hi Karen and family;
A year ago today we were in the depths of despair after being told by another breeder that we weren't a suitable family for one of her puppies. And then we found you. When we brought our little Claddagh home it was love at first sight. Her temperament is just wonderful; she's just spunky enough to keep us on our toes but very loving and learns quickly. Her terrier side does show now ant then, especially when she doesn't want to come in the house. She loves the rain and isn't bothered at all by thunder, so we have some skirmishes over the wet-dog effect. Thankfully she likes her crate so she dries off a bit in it. Today she got her first taste of ice cream, just a little bit, as a birthday treat. 
We've had such a great experience with her so far that we're very seriously considering a sister for her in a year or so. Could you keep us in mind if you have a litter due in early summer 2017? 
Jan and Rick Fortier and Claddagh
It's Briar's first birthday! She has had a party of a year and has brought sunshine and laughter to our family. Thank you for the wonderful gift she is to our lives!! 

Kim and Garett

Hope you are well! Long time no talk. We just wanted to say thanks again for our AMAZING Wheaten Ozzie. He has quickly become a part of out family and we love him dearly.
We just celebrated Soju's first birthday. He has brought so much joy to our family. He's so well behaved and still only barks once in a blue moon! We love taking him for walks and to the dog park. He loves our back yard and likes to eat peas from our garden. He's so good with the kids and walks them to the school bus every morning. He's the best puppy we've ever had. We are so happy Soju is part of our family. 💗
We are so thankful for our little "Ruby" Wheaten Terrier pup! She is so happy and good natured we couldn't ask for a better family pet! Karen at Christian Doodles raises beautiful family pets that have been nurtured and cared for so much so that the seamless fit into our family has been amazing! Thank you for your hard work in caring for our new family member😘
Marlene Belik

Update on TJ...... I had this baby change table cushion and a Teddy that is stuffed with a warm water bottle! He just loves it. Slept like a baby
I have never had a puppy trained before. I would have paid to have someone do this. It is worth hundred of dollar.. Efforts, floors. Carpets... You should charge more for puppies!!! People would pay for this;/) what a value we get from having a puppy from you!!!
Thank you so much;-)
Merry Christmas from Briar! We got her from you last summer, she is one of Map's girls. She is our sunshine and we love her so much! She is the best!! Thank you for her! Happy holidays from Kim and Garett.
Here's our George. He's 3 now from (sally and gus)
We love him.Great temperament to. Thanks to good breeding!!
His only flaw is that is pretty nervous of new things
Dear Karen,
My apologies for not responding to your last email. No excuses other than I have been crazy busy and not so organized.
Dill is the best dog I ever had. Chris and I are just crazy about him and he is incredibly loyal. The first time I ever had a dog that has no need for a leash — ever. He stops on command and doesn’t move a muscle.
Chris runs 3-4 miles with him 4-5 times per week (off leash) and I take him for long walks. Our vet refers to him as “his little athlete”. Dill is incredibly happy and we are incredibly attached. His every need is met.
We have a place at the beach in Galveston and he is happiest chasing the seagulls, swimming in the gulf, and digging for crabs. I can see his big smile when he jumps into the water and plays in the waves.
Thank you for such a beautiful “son”. Everyone he meets is so impressed with him and his behavior. I truly consider him a gift from my son Matthew in heaven.
Take care,
Pepper is such a huge part of our family Karen. We love her more and more and every day. She is amazing and special to each one of us!!
Here are a few pics of our sweet Murphy. He's has quickly become the center of our family lol. He's awesome in so many ways and can't imagine life without him. He'll be 1 on January 10
I'd have a house full if they were all like this one lol
Hi Karen!! How are things! Just checkin in with you seeing how you and your family are doing?! Wanted to send you this pic of Tobi chillin like a boss! 
We love him!! He's a ray of sunshine for us all! He came into our lives when our hearts were hurting and spirits needed nourishing! He was an answer to our prayers. He has filled our home with joy and laughter and our hearts with much needed love and attention. He has been such great therapy for Briggs recovery. I just can't tell you enough how much I appreciate the time and attention you took in the selection process for us! You have a gift and I thank you for sharing it with us❤
Well, his energy and his love of family is boundless. He enjoys two long walks a day, is rarely left alone, and has a wide selection of dog toys. He will chew on anything, a piece of paper, a pen, a book to a magazine, to a plastic bottle to a piece of wood. It almost seems as , if it does not belong to him and he wants your attention, he will go for it. He reminds me of a toddler who is
Very social and wants to be active
Until he collapses from exhaustion. He destroys his toys, likes taking the stuffing out of them and wants to counter surf! He is so lucky he is cute. He has finished teething.
Hi Karen,
Our first night with the little guy went better than we thought it would. We can already tell that you put a lot of care into what you do. He is handling potty training like a champ; its like he is already potty trained. We are so impressed.
Also, we have decide to have him sleep/nap in a kennel and he is doing really well with that. It gives him a break from our little boy Nathan and he can have a nap in peace. I think he likes that.
Thank you so much. We feel so blessed to have the little guy.
Best Regards,

Just a note to say hi from Sawyer. Born July 1st last summer. Favorite little peach boy. 
He is such a sweetie!

Lori and Roger
Hello Karen,
All is well with Allie, she was a big hit at the soccer tournament this last weekend. Their might be a family contacting you about a puppy. They were unsure of who they could trust as far as a breeder was concerned but you had tonnes of praise from me. Hopefully they get a puppy from you because then they will enjoy the breed as much as I do. Good luck and God bless 


Hi Karen!
I’m sorry this is so delayed!
I’m sending some photos of Ruckus in this email and his neuter certificate in the next email.
Ruckus is a May 5th litter pup of Diva and Major.
As you can see, we obviously got the cutest wheaten terrier ever born! 😉
He is just the best. Full of personality and often monkey business - but it’s just what we expected and missed. He has filled our hearts with love after the loss of our last wheaten. We love him to bits.
Thank you for everything.
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and we send you wishes for a very Happy New Year!
Tara and Stephen