Cooper and Scout
    Camrose, Wetaskiwan, Edmonton, RedDeer, Calgary, Aidrie, Drumheller ,FortMcmurry,Toronto,Manitoba,GrandPrarie,
    MedicianHat,Lethbridge,Jasper,Banff,Barrhead,RockyMountain,YellowKnife,BritishColumbia,Vancouver Island,Victoria,
    Penticton,Cranbrooke,Banff, Austrailia, Philidelphia,
Alaska, Nenuvic, Yellow Knife Qubec, NewFoundLand, NorthWestTerritories, Lexington Kentucky, Florida, Prince Edward Island.
Dexter is adorable, snuggly, and very playful. Most people would describe him as energetic and crazy! He was easy to train and listens to commands very well! The one thing that we can't get him to stop is biting when he gets excited, but other than that he is the perfect addition to our family - I couldn't love him any more! 

-Amy and Andrew

Listed below are some of the provinces,cities and U.S.A  states our puppies have been adopted out
These are only a few of the many past buyer and references over the last 7 years please be patient as it will take time to get this  page updated, Thankyou
"My Fiance and I have recently adopted a beautiful cockapoo from Christian Doodles. We had the pleasure of being a part of the process from the very beginning; spanning over 3 months from our first inquiry, until we took our girl home! Being so involved was something that we truly valued, as it allowed us to be certain we were making the right choice. We were welcomed on our numerous visits to the farm, first to meet the parents of the expectant litter, then to meet the puppies and our little girl. Karen and Megan were so welcoming, caring and obviously knowledgeable. We are so pleased with our little girl, she continues to amaze us with her intelligence and unconditional love. Thank you Christian Doodle for such a wonderful experience and of course for our beautiful dog!"

Hi Karen,

I thought I would send an update on my beautiful babies!!  Maggie (black and white) and Miikka are just wonderful!  We get so many comments on how beautiful they are and how great their temperaments are.  I have since seen a few cockapoos and they are nowhere as lovely as my pups!! lol!!!  They are so well loved!  I have attached a recent photo of them so you can see how they have grown.  Maggie is now 7 months old and Miikka 5 months.  They bring so much happiness to our family.  Thank you Karen for such beautiful dogs!

Lynn Hookway

Hi Karen,
I just wanted to update you on the puppy we adopted from you in Jan.  We named her Teaka, we just had her fixed on Friday and she was 11lbs.  I wanted to let you know how happy we are to have her as part of our family...we absolutely love her!  She is such a good dog and is very smart.  The potty training took a little longer than I thought, but I think it was because the drastic changes in weather really threw her off.  I would think she had it down pat...then it would drastically thaw or snow and we would have a couple accidents.  Over all, she was pretty good and only has mishaps now from being so excited to see people.  She has my boyfriend Torin wrapped around her little paw!  I knew he would love her...but even I'm surprised at how much...he just adores her!  Torin's dad, who wouldn't even allow dogs in his yard before...let her stay in his house when we visited them and is considering maybe getting a dog too one day he liked her so much.  She sheds a little bit but not much at all, and we like her shaggy so if we kept her hair short we probably wouldn't notice at all.  She doesn't bother my allergies, and even the boy across the street (who puffs right up from dogs) was able to pet her with no reaction.  I've attached a couple of pictures taken of her about a month ago.  
Well I just wanted you to know that she is in a wonderful home where she gets the best of the best.  She is loved tremendously, but has proper discipline and gets walked regularly.  The vet said she is in great condition, good teeth and healthy weight.  Thank you, and we will definitely recommend puppies from you to anyone we know!
Chantale Hill


​..Hi Karen,
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 
My husband Mike and I bought a beautiful cockapoo boy from you back in November and we just wanted to send you a quick thank you!!
We called our puppy Mulder and he has been so amazing ever since we brought him home. He is very gentle, cuddly, and easy to train. After about 3 weeks he was fully housetrained, and was well adjusted to us. We were also so pleased to see how well he socializes with other adults, kids, and other dogs. He is very playful, kind, soft, and eager to please...and not to mention CUTE!
Thank you so much for setting us up so well and providing us with a little cuddly companion that has added so much love to our family! All the best to you and your family this holiday season!
Best wishes, Angela Zacher

Hi Karen -
I hope you remember me - you sold me two cockapoo puppies at the end of February. I have attached a few pictures - I hope you can open them.

We just returned from a month-long camping vacation - we travelled to North Carolina, then up the coast of the eastern U.S. and west home.  The puppies both travelled really well, and they are growing into beautiful dogs.  Most people at first glance mistake them for Cocker Spaniels; it is only the curly Poodle hair that defines them as cockapoos.  They are so soft and lovely!  They have both had two haircuts already, and we had them neutered before we left on vacation.

if you ever need a reference for your puppies, you can use my name and e-mail address. You've given us two of the best!  Thanks, Karen


Hi there Karen (and family of course)...I am so sorry to have taken so long to get these pics uploaded and an e mail off to you. Just been a crazy week. Not only have we had 'our new baby' to train, etc. but I was babysitting my grandkids this week. Let me tell you, Sadie is a great hit with everyone. Calling her a sweetheart is truly an understatement!! She not only has a sweet personality, but is incredibly smart and playful too. Just loving her! Thankyou so much for giving her such a wonderful start to her life!

I will continue to send you updated pics from time to time if you would like me to. 

You are such nice people and we are so happy to have 'run into you' .  

Take care, 


She is a little darling. Everybody just loves her and she is smart, too smart for her own good!!!! Sending you some pix.
Chris and Les

Hi Karen / Grandma, 
I have been wanted to send you some pictures of our girl for quite sometime and sorry it's taken so long. 
Missy was Elizabeth when we got her from you inMarch of this year. She was born on Jan 21rst according to your records. 
Missy is about 13 1/2 lbs now. She has had a haircut already so not quite so fluffy but can't wait till she is again. 
|She is doing slendidly, lots of walks and lots of attention from her brother John (our son of 7 years old) Missy seems to scratch alot and we are trying differnt foods from the pet stores. Any ideas? 
I hope all is well with you and will send more pictures one day 
Thanks again for our girl, we love her very much! 
Yvonne, Dale and John Soper

We were lucky enough to find Karen and her wonderful dogs and brought home our very special boy, Fergus. He brings us blissful joy every day. Words are not enough to thank Karen and her breeding program and her kindness & generosity towards us and her obvious love of her dogs and what she does to bring happiness to so many others. If you are looking for the next member of your family, you need look no further!

Hello Karen, just wanted to update you on Thea ( puppy that went to Fort Mac in Oct, incase you don't remember).

She is doing amazing! Such a pleasure to have her around. Totally spoiled, but doesn't take advantage of it :) She is in love with the dog next door ( laberdoodle sp?) She listens great, walks on a leash with my two year olds, comes when called, doesn't bark , doesn't bag and doesn't have any accidents in the house! She is also EVERYONES friend, loves people!
She doesn't like to be alone at home so she comes everywhere with us! Waits patiently in the truck with Jersey for us to get back. Jersey has already helped her get some of her amazing habits. Which is fantastic because she is such an awesome dog as well. They play all time and chase each all around the house, too funny to watch!
Anyway, thought I'd keep you intouch with our new baby (as my daugthers call her) Which by the way she is incredible with, as are they with her.
Enjoy your summer!

Finnigan is a very lovable 30 pound dog! We enjoy his humorous personality and his cuddly face.
He is in love with his teddy that so happens to look like him .
  Even though at times he is a little brat he makes up by giving us a big kiss!  Finnigans 
favourite activities are fetch, doing tricks for treats(roll-over, sit, lay down and shake both paws)and
he also loves visits from the grandchildren. We love him very much and we are grateful to have a great

Lexie became our loved pet puppy on August 21st, 2011. We adopted her from Karen Christian's family when she was 9 weeks old. She is cuddly and calm and already socializes happily with our family and all people and dogs. This we attribute to the warm and loving care she recieved in her family on the acreage of the Christian's. They have children with many happy pets who she grew up with since her birth. Lexie is healthy and strong and came to us complete with all her shots and deworming medications and enough food for 4 weeks so we could slowly adjust her to her nutritious puppy food we bought from our local veterinarian. Lexie is not fretful and already sleeps thru the night. This we attribute to her secure environment she grew up in. Training has been a breeze as she grew up in a clean and sanitary kennel kept isolated in the outdoors with her mother and siblings. We love Lexie! 
Thankyou so much to the Christian family. Dr. And Mrs. Higa

I have to tell you...we LOVE Licorice!
She smart, well behaved, social and loves to take walks and be with the kids.  She loved camping, I think becasue she went for so many walks.
She has been a great addition to our family, we just love her to pieces.
PS.. She's a Saskatchewan Roughriders fan too!
Thanks for the best dog ever!
The Schnebergers
Cochrane Alberta

Dear Christian Doodles,
Thank you so much for sending Kameal to me! I have known Karen
Christian for years, and it is great to finally have one of your
puppies! Kameal is quiet, gentle, and affectionate, and a quick
learner. The care you took in preparing her and sending her from
Alberta to Florida was amply evident, and your recommendations as well as the "post-sale support" have proven invaluable. She adapted almost instantly to our "pack", and has been a wonderful companion since she arrived in Florida as well as on my summer RV trip from Florida to Texas to Missouri! I would love to have another one of your puppies if only we had space in the RV!
Ben Waggoner

Hey Karen! Its Erin here, and Cooper is doing great! He is a wonderful dog, he is very lovable and sweet. He is a very fast learner, he loves to do tricks! He loves people and plays great with other dogs. We take him to a local dog park and he plays fetch and plays with other dogs! Over all Cooper has been an awesome dog and we couldn't imagine life without him! 

Thank you Karen for all your time to answer our questions about choosing a puppy. It was our first dog ever in the family and we felt better making this decision to get our Schnoodle "Cody" from you, knowing that you are diligent in their breeding and taking all the necessary precautions and immunizations to keep them healthy. The info package, medication and instructions you gave us, helped to make an easy transition for Cody to our home. He has adjusted well and is a great addition to the family. We are happy we chose your puppies over other breeders we contacted.

Thanks again, Laurie and Al Wayrynen

Hi Karen! 

Well, it has been almost a month since we brought our sweet little boy Minion home. He is such a wonderful Puppy! He has such a great personality, and the most ADORABLE little face. Me, my Husband, and our 3 Kids just LOVE him!! Minion is good with our Kids and other People and Dogs. He is quiet, sweet, and snuggly. We couldn’t have chosen a better Dog for our Family. Thank you sooooo much again for our wonderful Puppy. We would recommend Christian Doodles to anyone! Thanks again Karen 
karen, . this little guy is amazingly smart. Just now he scratched at the back door to be let out to make a pooh! he also will whine at night in his crate to let us know if he wants to go out....he knows how to sit and come in the house. we are even working on "drop it". the only problem we have is that he is biting everything including us! so we are trying all the tricks possible, the latest one is to yelp like a dog which is helping. do you have any other suggestions. we have put other things in his mouth but he still likes to nip.  
we are loving him soooo much. everyone in the family and friends who have seen him think that he is completely adorable. he has already gotten bigger and his coat is starting to turn apricot a little.  

.Nahla is such a sweet puppy. She is very loving and gentle. She loves to go for walks and plays in the yard as well as with her toys. Being outside is her favourite. She lies on our patio lounge chair with her one paw hanging over the edge. It's so funny. When she slows down from playing she enjoys cuddling with anyone in the house, including company, or just lying at our feet. Nahla has even been known to rest her face on ours while we are sleeping. We enjoy our sleep and have been excited to see that Nahla likes to sleep in on the weekends too. When our other pup wakes us up to let her out in the early morning, we have to drag Nahla out of bed. She lies on her back as if to say, "Please just let me sleep in!" 
  When we use the ice dispenser in the fridge Nahla comes running from across the yard and through the kitchen and sits at the fridge waiting for her ice cube. She has lots of personality . Nahla loves to give lots of kisses too.
   She fits into our family perfectly and we love her so much! She was everything and more that you said she would be!!

Preston, Lori, and Nahla's favourite playmate Meika  

    Well our vet was impressed with how good mannered and healthy Waldo is! Thanks again! 
Ps when he dreams it is so cute! 

   We would love to thank you for all your help with the information on taking care of our new addition.
    We take this very seriously and already he is a big part of our family.You were right on the training, because we got him at 12 weeks he was very easy to train. He is very cuddly and very smart. He already knows to sit, stay, almost lay down and still working on shaking a paw. He is though teething which is causing him to chew ALOT!, we just have alot of chew toys. He also is great on a leash! Thanks again for all the love you give your puppies, I believe because of your dedication and knowledge your puppies are given a great start to their long, healthy lives.. We will send you updated pictures in the near future. Thanks for everything,The Oleschko Family

Hi Karen,

Here is a recent picture of Lucy. We adopted her from you in October of last year, and she just recently turned one. She is an awesome family pet. She is completely non-shedding and she never makes a peep — the few times she has barked it has startled me it is so infrequent. She was very easy to house train, and she was the star of puppy school. She has never chewed any of our furniture, although she does have a thing for Lego! She thinks she’s a big dog and she gets all the large breeds to submit to her at the off leash park — the funny thing is that they do! The kids have bonded with her tremendously. She’s about to become a world traveller as we are moving to Australia for two years. We wouldn’t think of leaving her behind. Thanks for such a wonderful addition to our family.


Waldo our Cockapoo is the cutest doggie in the world.
    He is smart and spunky. He is very friendly, sociable and easy to train. Even our vet commented on his amazingly relaxed temperament. We are constantly impressed at how perfectly Waldo handles new people and situations. He is the prefect addition to our family. 

Danielle and Reece 

On August 27, 2011 we brought home Lucky from Christian Doodles – and he instantly became part of our family. He loves going for walks in our neighbourhood – we frequently walk him to school with the kids – and he loves all the attention he gets from the school children (and parents) – sitting nicely and waiting to be petted. He had learned a number of commands – like sit, wait, come and lay down. Sit pretty and OFF are commands we are still working on. He is also a little escape artist as he escaped from his cage and kennel area the first week he was home, later he learned he can fit between our stair rails, and just a few weeks ago he learned to crawl over the baby gate – which was caught on video the second time around. He is a cute, curious and crazy puppy – and we love him so much. He has made a number of puppy friends – and even my parent’s 9 year old dog is getting used to having an energetic puppy around for visits. He loves visiting “Toby Oleshko” his half-brother in our neighbourhood – and we just heard that The Boston’s are picking up another half-brother (a golden-doodle) from your farm in the next day or two!
    Thanks so much! We are really lucky to have adopted Lucky into our family. We often joke that we asked you for the biggest and laziest from the litter – but got the biggest and “craziest”!

Here is a recent picture of Lucky while at a   visit    to his grandparent’s house.

Hi Karen! 
We're really enjoying Ginger. Her temperament is beautiful and we love the way her coat turned out. We've decided to let it stay long for the winter of course. She looks so different though when she's all trimmed up for the summer. We've trained her to ring the bell when she wants to be let outside right from when she was a pup (thx to your suggestion)! She's so smart and lovable. Hope all is going for you all! Warm Regards,
  The St. Jean family : )
Hi Karen,

   We named our puppy Brody. He has been a wonderful addition to our family. I’ve attached a few picture of him for you to see how much he has grown and changed over the last few months.  

He is doing really well. Since we brought him home he hasn’t had one accident in his kennel and has been pretty much house trained for about 2 ½ weeks. He knows how to sit and sometimes stay. We’re also working on shake a paw and high five with him and most of the time he can do those tricks. He loves to chew and has a lot of toys that take his abuse. So far he hasn’t really chewed anything else. He also likes to steal socks. When he gets a sock he looks at you and then runs to hide and wants you to chase him. He’s lots of fun.

We are so happy that we decided to get Brody. 

Yours truly,

Tracy Bakker

We adopted our 1 st F1B cockapoo from ChristianDoodles and returned for a second
                         F1 Cockapoo
Barrhead  Alberta
"Trouble's"  Cockapoo Puppy all grown up...The family paid us a visit and showed him off to us..He is one beautiful Boy!!!
  Trouble is now retired.
Burt is doing great! He is definitely a spoiled "grand-puppy" by our parents and very much our baby. :) 
   His best friend is Kyle's parents' wheaton terrier, Kenji. He loves to chase rabbits, but not too far as he's still a bit of a chicken. Here are a few photos of him when he was a puppy, one from the summer and a more recent one after playing in the snow. 

Shannon & Kyle

Burt as a puppy
3/4 Poodle

Hi Karen,
Pixie is such a wonderful little dog. We're so happy that we have her. I think she's the happiest creature who ever lived!

Hi Karen,

Thought you would like this picture of Misty in her winter jacket. She is doing absolutely wonderful and we love her to pieces!!

Take Care
Jean FitzPatrick

Hi Karen

Misty  is doing excellent and loving her freedom on our property. We love her to pieces as do all of our friends. The flight home to Newfoundland was perfect and she has adjusted very well. She now has completed all of her needles and is in perfect health. She is very active and absolutely great with our little nieces and nephews. As a matter of fact a friend has asked if they could possibly purchase one for us to bring home in March 2011 when we will be in Edmonton again. We will be taking her with us on the plane again, that is another great feature, she is small enough to travel as a carry on for only $50.00.

The 1st picture is before we had her groomed.

Take Care

Hi Karen,
  Can't say enough about Webster. Didn't realize that you have Starey's sister!  
Cheryle Hall

Hi Karen!

Cooper is awesome, thanks for asking!! He has been a wonderful addition to our family! He absolutely loves and adores our Golden Retriever, Daisy, they do everything together. Cooper has the most hilarious personality, he never seizes to make us laugh every day. He loves, loves, loves being outside, it's his favourite thing and he literally loses his mind when we take the leash out of the closet or take him for a car ride. He just loves to be a part of whatever we're doing and doesn't like to be left out. He went camping several times this summer and out on the boat and he loved every minute of it. He is the sweetest little thing and sure loves to be close and cuddle all the time. When we're out people always ask what kind of dog he is and where we got him from. He adores everyone, all people, kids, dogs, cats, you name it. He just has a very inquisitive and outgoing disposition that makes him such a wonderful dog to have, we're so very lucky & can't imagine our family without him in it.

Thanks again for everything Karen!
Suzanne, Chad, Dakota, Daisy & Cooper


Hello Karen! We got Oscar from you at Easter and we can't be happier with our new addition! We have never had a dog before and he is a perfect family pet! He is super friendly, and likes to be around people. Oscar is very smart and knows all kinds of tricks. He loves his belly rubs and enjoys playing fetch. We love that he barley sheds and only barks once in awhile. He likes to chew his toys, but shreds through them very quickly. He is terrific with little kids and enjoyed his first camping experience this summer. We are so very happy that you helped match us up with Oscar! We love him very much! 

-the Woitas family
Hi Karen,
Joey is doing great, he is such a sweet loving guy, everybody loves him. He is long in the legs but still a small frame. He is house trained and he does a few basic tricks. Fetch is his favorite.
Tell your daughter thanks for all the love she gave him.

You'll be happy to know that Yogi aka John Boy is doing awesome. He's a great dog although his love of chewing is only outdone by his love of digging!! :) 

He's about 29 lbs and just had his first haircut. His coat was really thick and with the +30's we've been having we decided to trim him right down. He looks good either way and he's quite the character. Awesome dog, we love him to bits!

Here's some pics! Thanks again Karen!

Jimmy has been such a welcome addition to our family. He learned the rules of the household in just a few short months and still constantly surprises us with how well he adjusts to new circumstances. He has been a well socialized dog since day one and loves to make new friends everywhere we go. He is a happy little puppy that is full of energy and spunk with a personality that is all his own. We are all absolutely in love with Jimmy and are so glad to have him as a member of our family.  
The service we received from Christian Doodles has been outstanding. Karen has always been easy to contact and very approachable. The information packet we received really helped with the transition of bringing Jimmy into our home.  

Hi Karen and Happy New Year!
We love Lexie!!! She is friendly, very playful, and adorable. She has flecks of brown and gray so she is not just black with white markings on her chest. 
She weighs 10 pounds and is almost 6 months old. 
She is extremely agile so I have started her in agility classes and Sherwood Barks. Very clever (I brag) and so eager to learn and please. 
Very healthy. We had her spade when she was 5 months and she recovered quickly. 
I take her with me everywhere so she loves car rides and shopping outings. 
We indulge her with millions of toys and treat her often. She loves raw beef bones so her teeth are good and strong and white. 
We could not be happier with our little family member. 
Thanks so much Karen!
How are her brothers and her parents?
I will forward more pictures. 

Janice Higa

Hi Karen. Twitch is doing fabulously. Had him fixed in June and he came through it like a champ.

He is adorable, sweet, intelligent, loves his "brother" Gretzky to death. They are inseperable. We took them camping 3 times this summer to sites where they were allowed to be off leash. That is his absolute favorite thing. 

Please, if anyone wants more than website info I am more than willing to talk to them and recommend you.Please give them my number.

Randa Stone.

Hi all,

Just sharing a picture of our puppy, Jasper He is such an awesome dog! Super mellow, gentle, quiet and loyal. He loves playing in the snow and snoozing indoors.

Jasper has Such a great disposition, and has a beautiful, low-shedding coat.
Housetrained, quiet in his kennel at night, and fantastic to bathe, brush, walk and take hiking at the trails.
Very smart... he rings a bell to go outside . He’s also learning ‘sit’ and to lay ‘down’.
He gets along well with other dogs and the neighbor’s rather bossy cat.
He was even a dream at the vet’s office. Very calm and cooperative!
A bit timid of strangers, new places, and going for rides in the vehicle, but coming around very quickly.

Jasper seems content to be with us. We love him very much!

I am writing to you to tell you about the amazing puppy I purchased from you last August.
He is a schnoodle and we named him Guiness!
Since day 1 he has been an amazing dog. He was more or less instantly potty trained and has had less then 10 accidents in the last year which is pretty good. He is very well socialized and loves going to off leash parks. I can't believe what a smart breed schnoodles are. Guiness has been very healthy and never once had any health concerns (not even diarrhea). Thank you again for all of the information and preventative medication you provided me when we picked him up. He is a happy dog who loves to play.Thank you again for our beautiful dog.

Gemma Burns

Hi Karen,
 Gus is just great.We adore him.He loves to be outside.
    We are amazed at how long  Gus can hod hs puppy bladder!

                                     Calgary AB


Buying our puppy from Christian Doodles has been a very rewarding experience! From my first phone call to Karen I knew we had made the right choice. She helped us decide on which breed of dog would best suit our family. It has been the right choice, he is real sweetheart. He is well socialized and fits into our family perfectly. Karen kept us updated all through the waiting process with pictures and emails of his developments. Upon picking him up we left feeling very informed on how to care for him with many helpful tips.  
Once again thanks Karen and Christian Doodles for breeding such a wonderful puppy!
Mike and Jan

"Since Milo joined our family , he has brought so much love and happiness to our lives! We have been so happy with our new addition and can't imagine life without him! He is so lovable, playful and adventurous! He adores people and will take any chance he can get to cuddle:) Karen was very informative and kept us posted on our puppies progress throughout the 8 weeks till we could take him home! You can really see in Milo that Karen has bred a very healthy, happy and well-mannered dog! We would be happy to refer her to anyone looking to add a furry addition to their home:)"

Hi Karen! Gina here again! It's been awhile since I wrote you.
    we still cant thank you enough for her! she is the best doggie we have ever seen! everywhere we bring her, people ask where we got her and says they want one just like her! but i dont think anyone will ever get a dog as good as sophie! shes soo friendly, so obedient, and so loving! i dont think there is a bad bone in her little body! not to brag, but i guess the way she is treated helps her temperament! you have no worries of her being treated bad, because she is treated like royalty here in this home! we would give her the world if we could! :) sophie is not a pet here, shes a family member. we dont know what we would do without her! she makes our house a home! i have some more pictures here for you, and finally a family picture for you from my highschool graduation! ill be sure to keep in touch, and keep the photos of out girl coming your way!

thank you soo much again, for giving us the best gift we ever recieved! :)
Gina! xox.

McGregor is now 3.5 months and is the light of my life when she is not chewing up computer wires, eating the screen on the underside of the bed, chewing on the gyproc in the garage.
Everything is in a food group in her mind and her teeth are the equivalent of a nail gun or box cutter.
She has all her vaccines and is now able to meet other dogs and explore the public areas of my neighborhood....she acts like she is in Disneyland....so interested in all her surroundings.
She likes sitting in the [grocery] cart seats at places like Rona and Staples.
She has also had her first haircut and she is very social with people.
The t-shirt she is wearing in the attached photo reads "fire hydrant inspector".
She is so great to have in my life!!!

We picked out our puppy Dexter when he was just 2 weeks old and being a first time dog owner we had no idea how to do anything, Karen answered our many questions that day and also our many emails and phone calls leading up to the day we actually got him! 
He was sleeping all night from about day 3 of being home and potty trained in about 2 weeks, we used Karen's suggestion of a bell at the door and it works great! Dexter hardly barks and is amazing with our 3 kids who like to play quite ruff with him. He knows many commands and was the star of puppy school. We are always getting asked what kind of dog he is and where we got him from. Dexter is the best dog ever. So loving, cuddly, spunky and looks just like a teddy bear. 

Thanks so much Karen!!

Hi Karen, 

I hope everything is going well with you. I just wanted to say thanks again for such a great dog! I couldn't imagine life without Jimmy (Jim- Bob). I have attached a picture of him on his second birthday which just passed on Jan 21. As well, my mom bought a puppy from you just under a year ago. Murphy is a fun loving goofy dog that loves everything about life! He is currently down in Palm Springs enjoying running on the golf course, dog walking groups, dog cocktail hours etc... Murphy has become a neighborhood celebrity. He is still yet to meet a dog or person he doesn`t like. It is such a treat to have such well tempered dogs.  

Thank you, 
Makenzie Martinson 

We adopted our cockapoo Chloe from Karen and Megan in 2009 and she has been the best family dog we could have asked for. Everyone who meets her says they’ve never met a dog with more personality and character – she keeps us laughing with her crazy antics! We were concerned about how Chloe would react to the new addition when we had our son when she was only a year old, but from the very beginning Topher has been “her” boy. When he was a baby, any visitor who wanted to pick him up had to do so under her watchful gaze. If he cried, Chloe whined to get our attention. Now that he’s a busy two-year-old, they’re practically inseparable: Topher will sit with her in her bed and read books to her, they play tag and hide and seek, and sometimes even dress up in costumes together Chloe is always very careful and gentle with Topher – and she puts up with a lot from him! Chloe is an amazing little dog that we love very, very much – thanks Karen and Megan!
.Winter (AKA Winnie) is such a loving and well behaved dog. She was potty trained in the first week, learned to sit, lay down, roll over, speak, high five and stay in the first few weeks as well. Now when we go to give her a treat she does all the tricks at once to get it out of the way. Smart one she is. 
She’s never slept in a kennel. She likes to sleep with us, preferably under the covers at my daughters feet or curled up behind my knees and is a huge snugglebug. She loves all people and animals. She’s very laid back but will let us know if someone is at the door or coming up the walk. 
Winter is very loved by us all and gets lots of attention but if its not enough she lets us know by pushing her nose under our hands over and over until she’s satisfied. We never go anywhere without her and she even travels all the way across the country to Newfoundland with us for our summer holidays. Thank you so much for giving us this amazing gift and we hope to one day soon give Winnie a sister of her own. 

Thanks so much Karen, here is a picture of our little gal after her grooming! 

I am so happy and lucky to have found such a wonderful, caring person. Karen you helped me with all the questions I had on poodles, you have such a wonderful personality every animal in your life is your life anyone can see that just from talking to you. You are dedicated to each one as if apart of you. I am so happy to have my chocolate phantom poodle khloe J she stole my heart very sweet and loving pup. Every time I take her out with me and that’s normally always lol people just love her. Khloe is so smart she learns very fast fully house trained, doggie door trained, with tricks she sits, lays down, high five both hands, shacks paw both hands, dances, bounces on two feet, fetches a ball, crawl on the grown, roll over. On and on she loves to learn, play, or just hang out lol very dedicated dog. She sleeps in my bed and is with me most of every day. It’s all thanx to a wonderful, caring person Karen J 

  I Karen have never used my website to promote donations for anyone.This one is on my heart and so genuine!

Kamea one of our cockapoos is waiting to start training right now in Florida to be a Service Dog to help Ben with every day tasks. Living in a wheelchair is a very frustrating day to day struggle.
   I am asking friends, family, visitors to our site to reach out and bless Ben with this small donation to make such a big difference in Ben's life..even the tiniest amount like 5 dollars makes a difference.Together we can all make this dream happen.
  You may not know Ben however I do.You wont find a more kind and compassionate person anywhere.
   The link to read his story is above in blue writing.
  Thank you  Karen

For more information on Ben's story click Link below

Here is an update on Bella (born October 3rd 2013) and Hershey ( born October 8th 2013)
    They are doing great, they are so loving and fun!! We we're a little worried getting two girls 

at the same time but we have not had any problems . They play for hours ,and love to run outside

Bella tries to catch snow flakes when it's snowing ,she jumps up high and grabs them out of the air

it's sooo funny to watch. In the evening they love to cuddle up with us while we watch T.V. at night

they share a large crate this is also going well, no fights.

Thanks again for letting these fun loving girls share our lives.

Rick,Meghann and Mikayla.

Hi Karen, here is an updated picture of Jasper. He is now 10 months old! He is a joy to have around! :) Thanks for raising such great dogs!
Here we are at home in Vancouver now. Benji, Molly, Mike and I. Thank you so much Karen. Benji is amazing and we love the soap you gave us for him, smells amazing.