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Puppies will not be registered as we only want PET HOME families
Due to high volume of families inquiring about our puppies sometimes we cannot possibly get back to so many messages on our home ph. please call or text our cell at 780 679 4425

Reputable breeder of happy healthy puppies since  2007

Christians True Blue "Hakuna" Matata
Registered .
Check Me Out "Grafitti"
AKC parent
Registered with the
 "Blue Merle Schnauzer Club of America"
Theodore is very quiet
  He loves to hang out with large  dogs.
       Theodore thinks he   is a forever baby and loves to be carried like one.
        His coat is very thick and softer than velvet Mega Coated.

.WHY do we send home our puppies with a SPAY/NEUTER Contract???

1-  We want to know our puppies are in loving Family homes. Living in the home and loved like other family members. Not that we are against good reputable  breeders. But as we all know there are some horrible sad stories out there of puppy mills. We just don't want to take that risk with a puppy we brought into this world. We feel  if we bring them into the world it is our responsibilty  to make sure a puppy mill situation does not happen. Therefore all our Schnauzers must be spayed or neutered by a date agreed upon with  adopter and ourselves. No PET puppies with be registered. The parents are registered and we can send home with you a copy of their registration but to ensure Pet Only homes the puppies will not be registered and will be microchipped to Christiandoodles.After proof of spay or neuter microchip will be released solely to the owner of the dog.

2- We have put many hours into searching and investigating good healthy long established Pedigreed bloodlines before investing in our Schnauzers with full Registrations and breeding rights.If someone else takes our bloodlines and breeds into theirs and their schnauzers have underlying  genetic issues that can produce Schnauzers with congenital abnormalities or other diseases, we not only make a bad name for our selves but also risk bringing  diseases into our home and kennel from Breeding out.

3-All our schnauzers are raised from 8 weeks of age with us and not bred to other dogs. Therefore ensuring Bio Security. Safer for us and for your new puppy.



we are Miniature Schnauzer dog breeders located in Alberta Canada. 
  You will find home raised puppies for sale out of some of the best lineage available on our site. Health, and temperament are always first and foremost to us, as well as is regular deworming, vaccinations, and being raised on good quality puppy food and probiotics.
  The Miniature Schnauzer usually ranges from 12 to 18 pounds, the Toy Miniature Schnauzer usually ranges from 7 to 12 pounds, and the Tea Cup usually ranges from 2.5 to 7 pounds. These smaller versions are everything their larger counter parts are just in a smaller package, and in the US some breeders have been carefully breeding for the smaller version for as long as 30 years with much success. Miniature Schnauzers are so dedicated to their family and so much fun! Seems one of these wonderful dogs is just never enough!
  The  miniature schnauzer makes the perfect family pet! They require little room and can be just as much at home with no yard, as they are at home on the farm. They are good with children and other pets. Energetic, these dogs love to play with their masters, yet love to settle down and cuddle. Their very intelligent and easy to house train, love to learn tricks, and are very loyal. They do not shed, which make them great for those who suffer from allergies, but do require regular grooming which is pretty minimal considering most of their coat is clipped or stripped. They should be clipped to keep that schnauzer appearance, or stripped if shown.  The miniature schnauzer is generally a very clean dog overall. 

 The miniature schnauzer is a hardy little dog, that does not show signs of aging till late in life with a life expectancy of approximately 12 to 14 years. Just as every breed of dog ,it does have some health issues that are known to be more common to its particular breed. Like any good breeder we work to breed these out of our gene pool. In general however the schnauzer is generally a very healthy dog with few health problems, and a delight to both the young and old alike. They are very devoted to their masters and make great watch dogs without being mean or aggressive. They should not be overly timid nor aggressive in their behaviors. They make good traveling companions as they travel very well. 

With their antics and facial expressions their often described as human like. For the last several years they have often been listed among the top 10 dog breeds, If you ever own a miniature schnauzer it is not hard to understand why, as it seems one of these wonderful dogs is just never enough! Come on in and browse the site to see what we will have to offer you in our pups for sale, if you have questions drop me an email, thank you for stopping by.

Information on Blue Merle Schnauzers

    As most people know a Merle Schnauzer is not a genetic mistake by breeders. We were interested in bringing a new exotic look to the great breed of Schnauzers. As our forefathers have done before us we would have to bred in a new breed to make such changes. In doing so breeders have chosen several different breeds to cross bred in. Some of the cross breeding being done had much thought put into genetic's and what new good things would be added to the bred. A warning to all buyer though that some of the cross bred's were done with no thought at all, just wanting to get the Merle gene at any cost. This page is designed to educate you on all cross's. With all crossings of two different pure breeds a whole new set of genetics apply. No matter how many times you use one breed the original genetics still linger from both breeds crossed. As AKC says, "You will still pull genetics for atleast 50 years or more". And we here at the MSCA can prove this by simply asking you who have had a Schnauzers to think about how old the genetics are and how today our little bearded friends are still behaving like their ancestors. They still want to be watch dogs, heard our livestock and be a ratter.

I will go over some history on each breed crossed in, but first for those of you who don't know the history of the Schnauzer, I will start there. Then I will go on with the most popular cross done today and so on.  

Schnauzers are originally a German breed dog, descending during the Middle Ages from herding, ratting and guard dog breeds. They come in three basic sizes (according to AKC).
Giants Schnauzers date back to 1832, weighing from 70 to 100 lbs.. They were used for cattle herding, pig herding and as serious watch dogs. Giant's are playful yet very protective. Some tend to have strong herding instincts. They are a working breed and so they require much exercise. Giant's need good training to avoid being to protective. 

 Standard Schnauzers were the original first size of Schnauzers. All other sizes were created from this size. Standard's have been uses throughout history for many different roles. The modern Standard Schnauzer excels at obedience, tracking, herding, agility and therapy. Standards are very loyal family dogs with guardian instincts. They need lots of exercise since they are considered to be high-energy working dogs.  

Miniature Schnauzers were developed in Germany in the late 1800s. They were originally bred to be ratters on farms. Then with there bold courage they were being used for guarding herds, small farms and families. Mini. Schnauzers are eager to please, making them easy to train. They are very loyal family dogs. Schnauzers were bred down in once again in more recent years to Toy and T-Cup sizes. 

 With all of the Schnauzer sizes they have had cross breeds bred in to change the sizes. For the most part personalities have not changed much, they are all very loyal to family's, fun, playful and trainable. Hair coats can very in all the sizes from course/wiry to very long and soft. Colors have also changed over the years, more so around 1995 (for colors see the color standards page). Appearances of all the sizes mostly remain the same, robust, sturdy, nearly square built.  

Australian Shepherds were originated in the Western United States in the 19th and early 20th centuries. They are commonly called an Aussie. There popularity rose with the boom of Western riding after World War II. For decades Aussies have been valued for their versatility and trainability. They come in two basic sizes.

Standard Aussies were developed for sheep herders for the American terrain and climate. Ranchers needed to have a dog that could handle severe weather, have lots of speed, athleticism, energy, endurance, flexibility, and intelligence, while remaining obedient. Aussie are among the top of the list of intellegent breeds. Standard Aussies are loyal to their familys and are protective of them. 

Mini Aussies were bred down from the standard Aussies. Not much is know about how the breeders did this, but surly a cross was bred in. This was to create a smaller version of the Standard Aussie and to have a gentler dog with less working energy. The Mini Aussie is very loyal to it's family, they can be stand offish to strangers until getting to know them. They are very intellegent with a even disposition. They are good natured and love to please. Aussies were once more bred down in more recent year into Toy and T-Cup sizes. 

And NO Blue merle schnauzers do not have health issues or defects as published by some schnauzer breeders. 

The biggest changes in the sizes are in the personality and energy. Colors have remained the same and the coats have also remained the same. Appearances of all the sizes mostly remain the same sturdy, agile, nice boned dogs.  
Info here is taken from MSCA

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Please see bottom of this page for information on the
 Blue merle Miniature   Schnauzers.
Picasso  is so very precious and has brought so much laughter into our home. You pick the most perfect little medicine man for me... Thank you so much for all the pictures you took of him and sent to me every week, and for all the time you took to text me almost everyday about adopting a puppy from Christian Doodles... from January to the day I picked my little guy up. And still keeping in touch - I not only got my precious little guy, but also gained a very special friend. Picasso has personality plus and some days I call him a traitor as my husband, Tony has so much fun with him and is able to spend more time during the day with our little guy (he's semi retired). Picasso's not so little anymore and I'm guessing he will be about 12 - 14 lbs as an adult... most perfect for us! Thank you so much for being you Karen! 
Bailey is the most perfect puppy you could ever meet. She is so calm and smart. Everyone absolutely adores her. I take her every day to the dog park by my house and everyone knows her name. I just took her for her first schnauzer cut this week and she is booked to get spade next week. I can't tell you just how much my family loves Bailey.Before I take Bailey to the dog park every morning we walk the kids to the school bus stop. There are around 30 kids who swarm her every day. It's like she's a rock star - LOL

Oh my goodness. You trained him so well:) he keeps going outside to pee and poop. He hasn't even done anything in the house yet. He's so sweet
 He is the sweetest thing ever!!! Such a great personality:). And he gets along with our other dogs. Our cat is starting to show patients with him as well. Just a lovely fit for our family!!!

This is Murphy a blue merle boy, Born March 10th 2014. Murphy has the absolute sweetest temperament you will ever meet. Not only is he the cutest little schnauzer we have ever seen but he is the kindest little dog we have ever owned. Murphy is my oldest daughters dog, he is super cuddly and super Smart.
He loves to play with his favorite friend the orange cat, Hiccup.
Murphy is a pleasure to own. We love this little man!
      Dakota has been a joy and is healthy and happy and has adapted to our family beautifully. He is 15 lbs. and full of energy. He has a lovely personality with a great combination of feisty playfulness and loving contentment. His permanent teeth are coming in now so he chews a good deal on the many toys he has as well as a few of our fingers (learning quick those are not toys). As always it amazes me how a dog can change the entire dynamics of a family for the better.

She's very lovey, friendly, great with kids, loves playing with other dogs. Tries hard to please. Talks a lot. lol. She also gets along with cats and chickens. Steals the cat food though :-)
This is my favourite picture not too long ago of Maggie she is the best thing we have done and is a special girl !! . She is such a special little being, a real blessing for us.
Update on Lola
Our groomer says she has never seen a schnauzer with such a beautiful thick coat ( and she bread schnauzers for 20 yrs in Europe)
And she is a groomers dream to cut, until she turns on the blow dryer?? Lol!
She is honestly such a blessing. We just adore her and everyone who meets her falls completely in love with her!
Hi Karen, this is steve from fort McMurray. May 6 2014 I picked up a puppy, we named him Reno not sure if you remember however I am interested in a 4 th male schnauzer. 
He is amazing, hence why we have chosen to contact you again. He's so funny, tough yet extremely loving and cuddly and intelligent!! Let just chalk it up to AMAZING!! A little yappy but with all the positives we can handle that! He's such a great fit in the salon life as well!!
He is doing amazing. Sleeps sound in his kennel--- maybe 10 min of whimpering max a night. Listens well, only one accident so far-- he's an all around amazing dog and we are thrilled about him!!
His registered name is "Barons gift"
Whistle Britches is CKC Registered
YOYO is CKC Registered
Mary Poppins
Blue Berry
Blue Berry is Hakunas puppy. Her registered name is burnt blueberries.
Mega Coated Blue Merle Registered.
Scooby Doo
Whistle Britches
Mary poppins. A larger girl with so much love to give! Fun and outgoing!
Your puppy will be on Kirkland puppy when you take them home. So we recommend this brand till they are all settled in .
  At 5 months please change over to Adult to keep the protein and fats lower.
Milo has brought joy to our lives since day one. He is such a cute little puppy, full of energy, excitement and love. He is like an alarm clock in the morning (5:15 am to be exact) and when he's up, we're also up! I've never been so sleep-starved in my life 😀. Its like having a 2-year old kid again but we're loving him like crazy. We've got a big extended family and everybody just loves him. He's now 3 months old and we've only had him for a month now, but it feels like he's been with us for years. I've taken more pics and videos of him in a month than with my kids in all their 20+ years life. Milo is our little baby and we live him to death! Thanks, Karen! You have been instrumental in this wonderful change in our life!
Hi Karen! Just wanted to send you an update, Moolah has been a wonderful addition to our family and is such a well behaved puppy! He just got home from the groomers and she said he was one of the most gentle puppies she's ever groomed 😊 he continues to bring us so much joy and we look forward to making many more memories with him by our side.
Hi Karen,
Thank you again for such a wonderful gift!
"The Boys" are settling in nicely, and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate that they have been trained to go outside!Good Morning Karen,
First of all I really have to thank you for our amazing pups Toto and Biscuit...they are loving and kind, so much so that I am thinking and hoping to get them to be therapy dogs...and man are they are smart!!
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" TRUMP " as a baby
Thanks to Maximilian Schnauzers who researched German history, and discovered that in 1880 Germany’s 
Pinscher-Schnauzer Klub published its first Schnauzer Breed Standards Book. The book detailed all acceptable 
colorings for the breed including “white with black patches” (parti color). So the parti obviously existed from the 
beginning of the Miniature Schnauzer breed. On September 4, 1929, a litter of black schnauzers was born at the 
Abbagamba Kennel in Podangen, Germany. This litter included 3 Black and White partis. The Abbagamba Kennel  
then started producing the first parti dogs to be officially recognized and registered in Germany. For the next 4 
years, they were accepted and welcomed by the Pinscher-Schnauzer Klub (PSK). However, by 1933 Germany was 
in the midst of a great economic depression. In many German villages the population of Salt and Pepper 
Schnauzers was higher than the human population. Breeders were unable to sell their Salt and Pepper puppies 
because of the widespread popularity of the new and trendy Wired Hair Fox Terriers from England, which were 
selling faster than they could be produced. Allowing the Parti colored schnauzers to remain in the PSK would only 
further hurt the sales of the many unsold Salt/Pepper and Black puppies. The true reason for the ban of the parti 
color was the fear of sales competition and the potential for economic ruin. The owner of the Abbagamba Kennel 
was rightfully outraged, but her request to keep the parti color in the PSK was denied. The Board of the PSK 
promised to create a separate breed for the parti schnauzers in the future, but the onset of World War II halted 
these plans. As of today, Parti Schnauzers are still discriminated against based solely on their color not only in 
Germany, but in dog clubs all around the world!
I would personally like to clarify some false accusations about the merles. I have bred merles for years and have yet to have ever had a unhealthy beautiful dog produced. I can't count how many times families have contacted me for a Schnauzer pup and have sadly had to euthanize their Miniature Schnauzer at a young age. I have heard every complaint from Diabetis, Pancreatitis, cataracts causing complete blindness,front shoulders and his dislocating from genetic abnormalities. Cancers,and the list goes on and on. Why is it that I have had nohing like this in my dogs? I have only purchased my breeding dogs from the excellent reputable breeders in the U.S.
  I have found the opposite in the merles. I find them to be far softer in 99 percent of cases. More thick beautiful coats, and such submissive loving calm personalities.  
  The Merle Gene is a submissive Gene that in itself id NOT a harmful gene.Yes their are unethical breeders who breed merle to Merle..
  I only own registered merles with full lineage. Our Miniature Schnauzers come from a very well established bloodline . We are now on our 9th Generation and can honestly say we have had 0 issues whatsoever.
  I also would like to add that I have been contacted by CKC Breeders of Miniature schnauzers in Canada now on several occasions asking to purchase a Blue Merle puppy with breeding rights and registration.I refused to sell them one as I am very confident in the dogs and reputation I have made for myself and do not want to risk my lines breeding other lines in Canada and coming back pointing a finger at my good health history because he or she was bred to a Bloodline I have no idea about.May I ad these breeders have actually posted cruel comments on their websites about the Blue merles as if they are a defective gene .
  I as a breeder and proud of all our dogs,would never breed a dog I thought or knew would spread sadness and illness to families. I am in this because it is my passion. I LOVE animals I love grooming bathing trimming nails. I love what I do. I love to do the best job possible raising quality puppies for families. Nothing is more rewarding than previous adoptive families contacting me with pictures and updates and enjoying puppies we have invested so much of ourselves into from Birth to 8 weeks.
  There are all kinds of accusations about the blue eyed schnauzers on the internet. These Schnauzers are registered by the AKC. So unless proven otherwise with DNA they are Miniature Schnauzers.Those breeders who feel there should be only 3 colors. Thats their choice. I am breeding for fun loving healthy pets.Is everything you read on the internet FACT? people can write things on the internet all they want. It does not mean it is always the truth. I have spent thousands upon thousands to breed these dogs. I love the colors. I love all of it. and to answer about a picture I see a lot on the internet about merle schnauzers. It shows a deformed puppy with bulging eyes out the side. This is a craniofacial abnormality. Just like when people have children with cleft lips and palates. This happens in human babies, cats,sheep,goats,cows ext ext pregnancy and in any breed. It is a defect where something is interrupted during pregnancy at the time of the two sides of the face closing.
  Do you honestly feel there is a Schnauzer show breeder who would tell others they had a non conformance color born in their litter?
  Again we are proud of our beautiful healthy Blue merles.And will continue to bring joy and love to upcoming families who love the fun colors and appreciate the calm loving temperaments. I can't say in all my years of breeding that I have EVER had a call back with a health issue in a Merle cockapoo or schnauzer or poodle.

Stash is doing awesome Karen. Vet gave her shots including bordatella & a clean bill of health. Bathroom training is going really well & she is learning to ring a bell to go out...she is very smart. She & my cats are having fun playing taking turns chasing each other. She sleeps through the night in a kennel beside the bed where she can see us. The only time she wimpers is when she needs to go out. She loves my grandkids & they love her. It's been 16 years since we had a puppy in the house, but she is making things easy. She's eating like a little horse now & even though I know she's not needing it anymore she still gets honey @ bedtime...OK I know....she's spoiled but that's why we have pets right😊
Hi Karen! Thought I would send you a few pictures of Arrow and Harley! They are both doing great. Arrow is just the happiest little puppy around. He always seems to have a grin on his face. He makes us laugh every day! He is the best edition to our family Harley and Arrow. They are two of the best dogs around. Always making us laugh and wanting to cuddle right up next to you. Arrow got a hair cut and he rediscovered that he had a tail. I sent you a little video. Arrow is the chattiest puppy around and he always seems to have something to say. Harley is just the most handsome dog and we got a full schnauzer cut on him at the groomers.
Today we celebrate Lola on her Birthday. We feel so blessed to have her a part of our family.
We're home, Back to Manitoba and Ever has settled in amazingly well. We did stay overnite in Regina. She has been at torin's, hotel and now home in the six days we've had her, as well as visiting two friends homes in Strathmore. Last night three of my grand kids visited and she was amazing again. You got what I think is a great compliment. A friend who is going on 80, and has always had two dogs in her home, and whose daughter is a breeder, told me Ever is the cutest pup she's ever seen AND that she must have been well socialized because she's so friendly and easy going in new places. I see that behaviour everywhere we've been. You should be proud of the work you do. We are proud of Ever and love her to pieces already! I believe she has bonded to us already and has settled in to our house in only one nite! She had her first bet appt at noon. Will let you know what she has to say.
Jack has such a good temperament. Every morning when I go to wake up the kids for school, he follows me into their rooms and barks to wake them up.And then he sits beside their beds until they wake up.If you ever have anyone looking to visit one of your dogs, please feel free to give them our contact info! This breed of yours is the best!
You are doing such a great job and are so passionate about breeding dogs. Your heart is in it that is why they come so beautiful.
Elvis is the sweetest doggy ever. We adore him. He is healthy and a blessing every singe day. We thank you so much for having such a awesome litter and for being a great breeder. 
Hi Karen, 
We have had our puppy for about a month now and I have to tell you he is amazing!! 
It is extremely evident the love and care you give these puppies. Everyone that meets him loves him!! People are shocked when we say he came to us trained! You do an outstanding job loving and caring for and teaching these precious babies. You, Miss Karen are a wonderful person!! 
I cannot begin to express how thankful I am to have found you 
Our Chappie is so smart, loving, gorgeous and cute and handsome and oh so mischievous and playful and he sleeps through the night and stops whatever he is into to run to the door and scratch when nature calls 😃
lol I could go on and on and on about our awesome boy 
I just wanted to say thank you and keep doing what you're doing and blessing people with these awesome pups
Our puppy is very smart,,happy and full of love and kisses,,sleeps all night since the second night she was with us,,, and goes to the back door for potty ,,,started to play fetch and bring back the toy on her second day with us,,,,when I talk to her she looks right in my eyes and listen,,,like a little person lol,,I could go on but will stop right here lol 
Miniature Schnoodle
hi Karen,
week one has been amazing. I have named him Frank or Franky and he is settling in so well. He has a favorite toy, it's a stuffed animal that squeaks and he really enjoys playtime with it. He is eating really well and goes crazy for his treats! He is sleeping like a champion and has gained half a pound this week... he must be growing. I think his most favorite time is when he gets to explore and romp around in the backyard. The weather has been so nice so he's out there for an hour at a time! 
Thank you so much for him, he is truly a blessing and has brought so much love into my life 
Little Tessa got her first haircut at the groomers yesterday and her coat is so incredibly beautiful! The groomer said she did great and thought she was just a doll, of course we agree. For training Tessa rings her bell when she needs to potty and in the last week has only had three accidents, we are impressed. She is also working on 'sitting' and 'laying down', such a quick learner. She is an absolute joy and being such fun to our family, we couldn't imagine our life without her ❤❤❤❤🐾
    Thank you for raising such great puppies
Your puppies are so sociable and loving because they have known nothing but loving care. My "Karen 4 pack"are healthy and all have nice temperaments I could easily have a "Karen 100 pack" just after I win the lotto. Everyone around us loves them and they are the best company EVER. Thanks for bringing these amazing companions into this world for all of us to enjoy. Your job is truly A LIFE ENRICHMENT endeavor. The only problem with one of your kids is " how do you just pick one out of your gang!
Sage is sooo smart, never has accidents. I can count on one hand since we got her that she pee's inside and that is because we missed the cue at the door. She is soo funny too. Always has to carry 2 toys in her mouth at once. Loves hide and seek. She is a flirt. Loves the men. Comes between my daughter and her boyfriend. Haha! Thought she hit the lotto when she found my daughters dolls from when she was little. She doesn't chew them, just wants to snuggle with them in her bed
"It's been a couple of months since Boo has come into our lives. Not a day goes by that I am thankful for him. He brings so much joy and love to our life. He is smart,loving and always by my side. He is such a sport just had neuter surgery and he's not bothered by it at all. I am thinking when he is older maybe I will get a sibling for him and I will definitely be calling Karen again. You can tell they totally love their dogs 🐶." Boo wearing Jammie's instead of his cone. 
Charlie is doing so great. Almost house trained and so fun to play with. He loves to play chase. 😁
We couldn't love him more. He's perfect!! He makes us laugh everyday and so thankful to have found him.
Franky update: 

Hi Karen! 
  We have had Franky for six weeks now and it has been the most wonderful adventure! He is growing up so fast and turning into the most lovable, funny, and loyal little guy. He is so great with other dogs and everyone he meets! He is a very chill little dude and loves to cuddle. His favorite part of the day is when we walk and play in the snow! He is so smart and so well behaved that I am able to let him off leash at only four months! Thank you again for this little angel, Franky is such a blessing and I am honored to be part of his pack
Our four legged kids turn 3 this month. They bring us great love and joy every day. Sonja is a little ninja, she likes beating on Olie. Olie loves everyone and likes to sing.
Oakley has mastered shake a paw, sit, lay down, roll over, kisses, twist. Loves to go for walks ( prances) lol. We are still loving every minute 💙 thanks again for such a wonderful pet!
I have attached 2 picts. One of clean Kubo after his first official full body grooming. He is looking a bit sad but I thought he looked fairly sophisticated with his first tie. 
The second is of dirty Kubo after he was digging in the sand box with my son. We are having lots of fun with him but his endless energy is sometimes tiring for us. Needless to say we all sleep well at night. He had adjusted well to his new home. He started puppy training last week which is a great learning experience for us as well as him. He loves to cuddle, wake the kids every morning with loving kisses to the face and dart around the house chasing empty water bottles. He has a clean bill of health and a loving personality. Everyone is his friend. Thank you Karen for such an well adjusted, beautiful puppy. All the information you have provided has been invaluable since we were newbie puppy parents. Tracy and family
All I have to say is this is the most loving Scnoodles ever born!
We are blessed to have him! He has brought us so much joy!!
..he.comes to work with me.
we love him so much!
We love little Lily, she was the big Christmas surprise. She is a cuddly, smart, playful, sweet natured puppy! Her coloring is so pretty & her fur is so soft. She rings her bell when she has to go outside and we have already taught her to sit and lay down. We are so glad that she's a part of our family 
Zoey's life is pretty good. Been a real nice fit for the family 🙂

Our goal is to breed and nurture Miniature and Toy Schnauzers not only for their temperament and beautiful coat colors but also for Healthy Schnauzers.

All of our Schnauzers have had DNA testing for genetic hereditary diseases known to the breed. All our dogs are cleared for these Hereditary problems and DO NOT carry the gene.
All of our schnauzer  puppies are cleared by parentage.

1) PRA
2)Degenerative Myelopothy
3)Persistent Mullerian Duct Syndrome

Ellie very quickly became my best friend. She's fun, lovable, and never leaves my side. She enjoys playing and ripping things apart but over all she is the best side kick! When I first got Ellie it was like an ultimate bond, I never wanted to leave her and she'd always curl up and lay right by my neck. Even now at 6 months, and 6x the size she still does the same!
Chocolate Schnoodle
Hi Karen. Our little guy 'Monty' recently turned the big '1'. He is such a lovely guy! He is so gentle, loving and so smart. His favourite spot is anywhere beside you. He is well loved by all who meet him. A great addition to our family. We are really lucky to have found a breeder like Karen. Our vet was so impressed with his health and his temperament. 
Thank you for being such a responsible breeder.
Miniature Schnoodle
Stashes  friend "Jasper"
Trump is a very dear boy. 12 lb of Love.   He is affectionate,goofy,inquisitive and loves to love his people
"Sheriff" The name says it all. He is in the middle of it all. Afraid to miss a moment. And carries himself with such a bold  yet loving attitude  10 lb
DNA full Panel cleared

DNA full Panel cleared
DNA full Panel cleared
DNA full Panel cleared
DNA full Panel cleared
DNA full Panel cleared
Do you text? If so #
Best ph to reach you at?
What breed are you inquiring about ?
What sex? Male female? or  either sex?
What time in the year would you like to bring a puppy home? 
How many hours a day will puppy be home alone each day? What are your arrangements?
Which litter are you wanting a puppy from according to dates and colors?
Do you understand ALL our puppies come with a mandatory Spay/Neuter contract by 6 months of age?
How old are your children?
Have you owned a dog before?
Do you want the puppy flown Air cargo?

Thank you for your interest and application. Please note, the families who are wanting to adopt from our current litters or next litter coming up will be responded to first as we have so many inquiries to go through a day.We will get back to you if you are wanting one later also.
   Thank you Christian Doodles (Karen)
Contact and Application form
He's the most beautiful boy I've seen! That was even before getting lost in those deep blue eyes, you guys have bred another amazing litter. As mentioned before, not only do you guys breed amazing looking dogs we believe they are being brought into this world and raised with love and care, which is very important to us as buyers/owners. Thank you as always for the pics, so many smiles and made my wife's day 
KOKO  Mother is 
Mary Poppins pup grown
Thankyou karen for  Picasso and Davincci
HI karen , Rudy is awesome with the kids! Gets so excited and gives them tons of kisses when then get home from school. And he loves playing fetch and chase with them 😊 Thanks again - he's just the best dog!
Thank you Karen!!! We are so Blessed to have you in our lives!!! You have two times picked the most perfect fur baby for me!!! DaVinci is adorable and full of funny antics that make us laugh. Picasso loves his new bro, even if DaVinci is the alpha. He is so smart and learns so quickly. Loves to jiggle the bells on the door when he wants to go outside! — feeling in love
Hi Karen,
We just want to thank you for what a lovely dog Mira has become. She's almost 6 months now, and she's incredibly sweet and fun-loving. Mira is so smart and catches onto things easily, she learned how to sit shortly after we got her. She adapts well to anything, and does fine on her own as well when we are unable to be home. Thank you for breeding such a gorgeous girl and answering our questions, especially at the beginning when we picked her up. The amount of advice we received blew us away and thank you for ensuring we had the best experience
Bailey is doing great! She is a sweetheart. Very easy to train. She came almost fully housetrained. Only 4 accidents to date!!!! I am so impressed. She comes sits plays catch. Knows what no means. She loves to cuddle. She comes to work with me and behaves! Very impressive in such a small pup. So intelligent. Thank you.
is a quiet girl. 14 lb and solid build.
 very affectionate.
  DNA panel tested and clear
Tessa is always right in there with the girls ❤️ When I ask if she wants to get the girls from school she runs to the door and sits down waiting for me - cutest thing ever 
Arlo has been settling into our family so well! He is relaxed, polite and so loveable! We are so in love with him and he steals the heart of everyone he meets! He already knows "sit" and "shake a paw"! Absolutely fantastic! He only had two accidents in the first week and hasn't since! He picked up using the bells so fast! Within 4 days. He's such a fast learner. He's great with children, very friendly to all people and other pets.
He’s doing amazing! He is so full of love and happy energy. Seriously, your dogs are the best! He is so handsome and absolutely friendly! 
And if I’m correct, I recall you saying Scooby is the Dad ?
😊 Arlo is a fantastic puppy and we couldn’t be happier! He has brought us so much joy!"
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to a loving home
to a loving home
to a loving home
to a loving home
to a loving home
RESERVED on Deposit
Available  Soft velvety think coat
1900 plus st
Available  Soft velvety think coat
1900 plus st
Gorgeous thick soft velvety black velvet type coat
 Calm temperament
very sweet  $1900 plus get
Gorgeous thick soft velvety black velvet type coat
 Calm temperament
very sweet  $1900 plus get
Rare Wheaten Schnauzer
Thick coat
Female $2000 plus GST
Gorgeous thick dark chocolate coat female
One blue eye one green eye
$2000 plus GST
Liver/white parti male double blue eyes
$2200 plus GST