Personality Traits

Best known for its outgoing and spunky behavior, the Cockapoo is full of character. These small dogs thrive on strong and dependable relationships with humans, and love to play the role of lap dog. The Cockapoo is very intelligent,As a pet, these dogs are obedient, loyal, loving, and affectionate. This breed adapts well to full-time indoor and apartment living, and views spending time outdoors as a special treat.
  Fabulous with children.Average life span is 15-21 Years.

These Cocker poodle crosses produce beautiful low to Non shedding coats.

About our breeding program

  Christian Doodles has had many returned customers over the past 11  years.
    We breed for calm laid back temperments and Health. .

We take much interest in breeding from  Healthy parents.
  We do not stud in or out to prevent the spread of diseases to our kennel,  mothers, and puppies.
  We do our best to provide Dental health and good nutrition. And select Good temperaments in our Cocker spaniels and Poodles.
  We do not sell to breeders. We want our pups in nurturing family homes.
  Daily the cockapoos are held, and socialized and loved.

Our Miniature Poodle Sires  and Cocker Spaniels shown below

 Our cockapoos puppies  are ready to go home at 8 weeks of age.

Text is the easiest way to reach us text or call 780-679-4425

  Our cockapoos are from Purebred American Cocker Spaniels.
Sires are Purebred Miniature Poodles.
Puppies will mature to anywhere from 15-22 lb depending on 
sex and genetics.

We do our best to breed healthy good tempered dogs.

1)  Thoroughly vet checked and immunized. 

2)  They will  come home with a vet certificate of health
   and proof  immunizations to date from a licensed Veterinarian.

3) Several dewormings 

4)  Health Guarantee

5) Microchip implant

        All parents are CLEARED with DNA testing for 

2)Degenerative Myelopothy
3)Exercise induced Collapse
4)Familial Nepropathy
5) Glycogen storage disease VII, PFK Deficiency
6)Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Progressive Rod-cone degeneration
7)Von Willebrand Disease 1
9)GM2 Gangliosidosis

Our testimonial page is full. So I am starting some new ones over on here for cockapoos. Please feel free to go to testimonials and read feedback from prior families who own our cockapoos.
We got Penny for my 3 year old Son, every boy needs a dog! Penny is affectionate, playful and very healthy. She has bonded to our family extremely well, so much she sleeps on Mikes pillow, follows me to the bathroom and lays on my feet when I'm washing dishes. She house trained so quick and is already sleeping at the foot of our bed. She's also a great fishing buddy! I'm so grateful to have Penny, and am excited to watch her grow with my Son!
KONA is is absolutely amazing. He is such a good natured dog. And so smart . We love him to bits
"Since Milo joined our family , he has brought so much love and happiness to our lives! We have been so happy with our new addition and can't imagine life without him! He is so lovable, playful and adventurous! He adores people and will take any chance he can get to cuddle:) Karen was very informative and kept us posted on our puppies progress throughout the 8 weeks till we could take him home! You can really see in Milo that Karen has bred a very healthy, happy and well-mannered dog! We would be happy to refer her to anyone looking to add a furry addition to their home:)"

Murphy is just awesome! We just love him. He's almost 6 months old now, he's up-to-date on all his shots, has no health problems, and he's booked to be neutered next week. He's lost all his baby teeth and he knows how to sit, and shake a paw, and we're working on "down". He loves his big sister, Riley, our goldendoodle and they play all the time. He's not a big fan of the clippers yet, but he loves it afterwards (when he doesn't have to wear his fur coat). :-) 

Two weeks ago, he went on his first camping trip with us in the travel trailer. He's a little trooper who's up for any adventure. He's a good boy in the car...he settles into his dog bed in the back seat and usually just takes a nap (while his sister runs from window to window to window...LOL). 

Here are a few pictures of him so far! He loves the water so we might need to buy him a pool. He loves splashing around. LOL!

More camping awaits him this summer!


   Words cannot express how grateful we are for our beautiful and darling Cooper! He has mended the hearts of many abused and abandoned dogs here in AD! He just loves everyone, and everything unconditionally! He is our little gift from heaven and we will always have you to thank Karen! XX Thank you, for being a breeder.

We were thrilled to meet up with ozzy, now full grown. Abi is holding him here.. hes sooooooo sweet!!!!. 
   I cant stress how rewarding  it is to see a family enjoy one of our pups so much.. And to hear all the wonderful stories..Just warms my heart! OZZY you are one blessed boy!
Ozzy is so lovely!! It was the perfect choice for our first dog, both kids have allergies to cats and dogs dander but with Ozzy there is no allergic symptoms at all. He's a very good dog and he likes to be with his pack all the time. Ozzy enjoys camping and riding in a vehicle with us. We can't wait to get our second Cockapoo in August. We adore him!! Thank you so much for your help and information you provided to us when needed.
Hi Karen
I am not sure if you remember us, we adopted our cockapoo on Family day weekend. We can't tell you how much we love Wookiee! He is so funny and sweet. Just like you told me, he was a good pick as he loves all of us very much! He weighed almost 20 pounds last month when he was neutered. He has grown into his paws. People are always stopping and asking us about him. As you can see he has the most amazing green eyes! Thank you so much!

:) Shannon, John, Sophia and Shaye
Cooper swimming in the Persian Gulf
Cooper visiting at a childrens home
CoCos litter
 a family who adopted one for each child.
   I can see their quite enjoying these babies!!!I love to receive updates and pictures like these from Customers. Just warms my heart!

We adopted our cockapoo Chloe from Karen and Megan in 2009 and she has been the best family dog we could have asked for. 
  Everyone who meets her says they’ve never met a dog with more personality and character – she keeps us laughing with her crazy antics! 
   We were concerned about how she  would react when we had our first baby when she was only a year oldswas only a year old, but from the very beginning Topher has been “her” boy. When he was a baby, any visitor who wanted to pick him up had to do so under her watchful gaze. If he cried, Chloe whined to get our attention. Now that he’s a busy two-year-old, they’re practically inseparable: Topher will sit with her in her bed and read books to her, they play tag and hide and seek, and sometimes even dress up in costumes together Chloe is always very careful and gentle with Topher – and she puts up with a lot from him! Chloe is an amazing little dog that we love very, very much – thanks Karen and Megan!

Finnley is such a sweet boy!!! Our family adores him! We get compliments on how cute he is where ever we take him! Marty takes him to his office two or three days a week. Everyone there looks forward to seeing him.

Finnley seems to be happy at our house. His tail is wagging a lot, he cuddles with us and he attacks his toys with vigor. He loves playing with our boys and with Marty and myself. After a long sleep or nap, he gets rambuctous and wants to play rather aggressively. We're trying to settle him down and discourage his rough behaviour. He likes to bite the socks, feet and hands of two of our boys. We are all learning how to curb his mouthiness. He's catching on to phrases like gentle and no biting. The vet said he will be losing and getting many more teeth over the next few months. Do you have any tips for curbing his biting?
He was at the vet last week for some parvo shots. She said he was healthy and that it was great that you were giving him worm pills. He'll be getting his micro chip at his 14 week appointment. (We don't want to wait until he gets neutured as we don't want to risk losing him without the best means of finding him possible. 

  Thanks again for granting us the gift of such a fabulous little creature. We all love him so much and can't believe our good fortune to have him in our lives!
Thank you for taking such good care of him!

one happy family!!!

Hi Karen, we can't believe that Murphy is one-year-old already!! He's a very happy boy...his tail is always wagging and he loves everybody that he meets (and they love him too). He is well socialized and plays well with all of our friend's dogs, who range in size from 5 pounds to 160 pounds! At home, he completely adores his Goldendoodle sister, and is never found far from her. Our vet says that he is in perfect health.
    Thanks so much again for allowing us to adopt him! I'm attaching an updated photo. Happy holidays to you and your family, human and furry!  

Hey Karen! Hope you had an amazing Christmas! We sure did, even Penny got some greenies and a new toy from Santa! I love the picture of her solo, we call her our snowdog, she loves plowing through the snow.
So a few words about our Penny-poo... She is 9 months old now and has grown to a beautiful Silver Chocolate color. She comes with us wherever we go, including Sunday dinner at Grammas house. She loves playing fetch which is good exercise for her, shes very active and loves the snow. I called her Princess Penny at first, she wouldnt even go off the deck to pee but now she runs as fast as she can and the snow goes flying! She doesnt bark much, only at the vaccuum, and the remote controlled cars! Occasionally she lets me know if she hears someone outside, which I appreciate. Shes the perfect size for a lap dog, loves cuddling and is very healthy. She lays on my pillow and waits for me to come to bed, shes my other baby:) We are thrilled to have her in our home, shes been amazing for my son, they even fight like siblings sometimes haha. We love our Penny so much!

Thanks so much, shes seriously an amazing dog!

Hi Karen
We are so happy to have gotten our second dog from you! Ozzy and Mellow are so gorgeous, loyal, adorable, sweet and simply amazing!
Mellow is such a sweetheart and loves to be carried around in our arms or snuggle up against us when we're sitting on the couch.
At first we thought that having twodogs might be quite challenging at times but, it turned out being even better. Ozzy was one year 
old when we got little Mellow - he was capable of helping us to raise him. It was so funny to see Mellow doing something he wasn't
supposed to and watching Ozzy discipline him afterwards if he wouldn't listen to us. The best thing though was probably to see 
those little half-brothers quickly bond together and become impossible to keep apart. We can’t even describe how much love our dogs bring us.

Thanks to you for breeding those beautiful Cockapoos!!
Please visit below for some recent testimonials and on our testimonial page.
Toby is doing so well! He is absolutely the best puppy we could have ever received. He potty trained in less than a week!! He's so smart and sweet. Perfect with everyone from small children to adults. We could not be more happy with him. He had quickly become such a big part of our family. Poor little guy is going to get neutered today. So it will not be a fun upcoming week for him. I have these pics, but I will send more after he heals from his surgery. Thank so much for your work! He's wonderful.
We adopted Howey from you just over 3 yrs ago & he has been a wonderful addition to our family! He has the most gentle nature & loves people & other animals. We have friends & strangers ask all the time where we got him as he's such a warm loving pet everyone wants a dog like him!Thank you so much, we sure love our little fur ball! Glenn & Robin Orfino
Ruby is amazing. And Smart. So easy to train. She's skiddish when meeting new people, but just the sweetest thing. loves to cuddle. Picky eater though. Finally found something enjoys eating. Loves her brother & vice versa.
Dexter was our first baby from Christian doodles and he was so loving and smart, easy to train that we knew another one would be even more love for our family. 
We got Ted 2 years later and he is just the most playful, loving gentle personality we have ever met. 
Everyone love our dogs, we take them everywhere and a few of our friends have gotten puppies from Christian doodles since meeting ours!
Hi we purchased a cockapoo from you In. December. She is very sweet, easy to train. She really loves to cuddle. She's a very affectionate little puppy. Piper loves play fetch with my boys. She's very kind to other dogs and happy to play. She's not a barker but likes to go listen to the neighbours dogs bark. She's fit right in with us..We love her she is so sweet. Prances when.she walks.
                              " Parker "
AKC Registered 
Miniature poodle with a incredible thick soft coat.
   Parker is from California, and is from excellent Champion Blood lines. he is Tested for 
 over 150 genetic health disorders.
    Loves to lay in your arms and tuck his head into your neck.Very low keyed and affectionate.
AKC and CKC Miniature Poodle
Parent is from Louisianna U.S.A
Sully and beans pup
Our Cockapoos are 1800 Plus GST
Our Cockapoos are 1900 Plus GST
Blue merle  are 2200 plus get
Mia is a great dog. Myself and grandkids are really enjoying  her here she is a great puppy thank you so much!

Ben Waggoner
April 20 · 

Happy anniversary to my sweetheart Kamea. Six years ago today she flew here from Canada and we became a pack, thanks to my dear friend Karen and her daughters Megan, Emily, Abigail, and Leah. =) (Kamea's name is derived from theirs: KAren, Megan, Emily, Abi. "Kameal" sounds too formal for everyday use, so the 'L' gets dropped routinely although we don't forget about Leah.) So... Happy Anniversary to us!

Image Copyrighted (©) by Ben Waggoner
Please do not reproduce without permission. — with Kamea Waggoner in Pinellas Park, Florida.

Daenerys and Rupert are doing wonderful! They are inseparable and always playing. Very smart and very warm and affectionate. Everyone always comments how beautiful they are.
Dear Karen-thank you for our wonderful Maggie! She brightens our days and has such a BIG and loving personality!! Thank you !!!
Maggie graduated kindergarten....she's the most amazing addition to our family and we are grateful everyday that we have have her!!! Thank you! She is a bit sad today as she was spayed so she isn't her usual bouncy self....but it's nice to steal the cuddles when we can get them. Thank you again for making our family so happy!!!
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Update on our pup: I almost hate to say this (as it may jinx us) but he hasn't soiled in the house even once!! For the first few days we took him out every couple hours and today he started ringing the bell like we showed him! When he goes outside he does his business right away too. Such a good & smart pup 
We are having the best time with Bentley!! He loves sitting on us and playing fetch and he's just so cute everyone that sees him loves him! He loooooves biting everything but he has been fully potty trained since the first week and sleeps all through the night it is amazing! 😊 just wanted to give you a quick update!

Bailey has been with our family for almost 4 months now and we absolutely adore him. Since the very beginning we have been impressed with his quiet, mild manner. He still has "puppy crazies" a couple of times a day but is generally very calm, affectionate and gentle. He's very playful, loves to play fetch, and chase the kids around the yard but he also loves to curl up and snuggle on the couch. He's very smart: he mastered sit & down commands within the first couple of weeks, quickly caught on to potty training/bell training, and is doing well with recall. We took him with us to Ontario this summer and he is a travel pro! He adjusted well to all the new people, places, and activities we introduced him to. We often get stopped when out and about so that people can ask questions or give him a quick pet. We get lots of complements. His coat is the perfect combination of color and it's so beautifully soft (and non-shedding!). We couldn't have asked for a better pet for our busy family. 

The Sangster/Kennedy Family


Please visit our AVAILABLE PUPS page for cockapoos available at this time.
"Ebony" No other words but a loving little Doll.
Ebony is imported from Ohio, from 2 champion Miniature poodles both genetic tested .
He's the best pup ever!!! We all love him so much. He has the most incredible coat.Personality? Fantastic. So sweet, social, friendly. Loves all people and animals.
We are so happy we found you !
Here is Bentley! He is already 15lbs and very healthy! I think we got a big boy 😊 is awesome. Such a good puppy. The first few weeks were a bit tough but it is so much easier now. No issues and he is learning commands with the clicker and it's so much fun! So many people ask me where I got him because they just love him so much.
We love him so much.
Lady Bug.
  A very humble loving girl.
Out of a Kentucky U.S.A Bloodline.
DNA paneled and clear.
" Lady Bug"

Very even temperament. Loves to snuggle. Gets along with everyone well. A heart of Gold!
  DNA Tested, Clear.
" Lincoln " is gentle and so intelligent. Loves to be wherever you are. Loves to be held and give hugs. He has a very calm temperament. This is one dog I would chose to keep forever.
   He is a true companion.

  Imported from OHIO. U.S.A.
  Parents cleared for PEN Hip
  Full DNA testing Clear for over 150 Genetic health disorders.
Our wee boy is the best little dog in the world.  He means the world to Ken and I. Thank you so much for changing our lives by permitting us to adopt this little man.
Hello Karen! I have been thinking of you again and as we had a day trip to Edmonton today and also went to Kelowna for 4 nights, to visit my grandparents, we saw once again how amazing our girl is. I know we have invested tons of time and effort into training Belle, however we also know it's due to her first 8 weeks with you. We have received so many compliments on how well behaved Belle is for only 13 months old! We love her to bits and by the way, you selected the perfect girl for us. We thank you daily!! 😊🐶
My husband and I purchased our cockapoo “Wally” in May 2017 from Karen. He fit into our family right away. He was easy to train and has a wonderful temperament. He enjoys his walks and sleeping in on the weekends. Wally is content having people around him. That being said, he is still playful and energetic. My dad became ill in June and even as a puppy Wally knew and never left his side. He is a real gem and we cannot imagine our family without him
.Wally's temperament is unbelievable
Frankie's first Birthday.......she is doing great and is a fantastic family dog! She is so loving and snuggly with everyone in our house. You made a great one with our Frankie Karen!
Frankie's first Birthday.......she is doing great and is a fantastic family dog! She is so loving and snuggly with everyone in our house. You made a great one with our Frankie Karen!

  Please apply with our application on our Available pups page and then send me a text and we can get you reserved. 

All our cockapoo pups are 1900 plus GST  
Deposit is non refundable and is $ 200
Thank you      text 780 679 4425
(Luna) is doing so well! She's finished 12 weeks of puppy classes and has such a playful, energentic personality. She also gets tons of attention for her unique colors - she's turning a lovely cream but still has the merle markings. And one eye is still blue (with a bit of brown), it really stands out.

A little 'hello' from Gypsy in Carter's Cove, Newfoundland! Our girl will be 6mths old on the 20th! She has her spay coming up on Thursday! Where has the past few months gone?! I can't put to words how perfect our girl is! Everyone she meets just can't get over her. She is the light of this home!!
Walter had been a great fit into the family. He basically came potty trained. He is so smart. Still working on not jumping up to say hello, and being gentle playing but we're getting there. Hard to imagine life with out him now.
Complete DNA tested Clear
  Lexi is a calm quiet exceptionally loving small cocker. A beautiful very softt coat. 
CKC Registered
Hello Karen, our vet came by today and checked out Lola and she had plenty of nice things to say about Lola and her health and she complimented our breeder, which would be you 😊. You were very thorough with your documents/package and did a great job with her before we got her. She agreed with you with regard to the three shots versus four... and couldn't be happier with her temperament and how well she's training. As crate/night training was a non-issue, really. I slept downstairs with her for five nights.. The last two not being an issue at all, as she did not wake for pee in the middle of the night....and night six I slept in my own bed and she slept downstairs in her crate. Lola is such a great little puppy 😍.

Karen hi! Norman is great! Such a little comedian. Very friendly- gets along with all dogs and loves to play. All the time!!! Here's some pics 
We love him so much!
CKC Registered.
Packed with personality!

Very sweet temperament 
Submissive and wants to please everyone.
   CKC Registered.
Parker's Sire
Champion Bred
Complete genetic tested.
AKC Registered. 
Complete Genetic tested for over 150 conditions .
"WYATT" AKC Registered.
  Loves his toys.
loving non barker
So sweet! No other words!
Both parents Champion Bred.
Both parents including Wyatt tested and cleared for over 150 Genetic disorders.