ALL Parents have had complete DNA Panels 

Will be
* Vet checked with certificate of health From the vet
* Vaccinated
* Microchipped
* Will come with a spay/neuter contract to be completed before 6                months of age.
* Many dewormings
* Health Guarantee
* 30 days free health coverage

Available Puppies

YES we ship puppies through West Jet. Excellent service, heated cargo and pressurized Cargo the same as passenger section.West Jet  has always done a very good job with our puppies.
  Approximate price to ship is $300 and under.

All puppies are trained to go through a doggie door starting at 4 weeks of age. They soon learn to run outside on their own even in cold temperatures.Snow and cold and rain does  not  phase  them. 

                                   The Schnauzer Puppies out playing in the snow 
                      Winter has not slowed them down whatsoever in their house training
For More information on the Blue merle and Chocolate merle Schnauzers please proceed to bottom of the page

Information on Blue Merle Schnauzers

  As most people know a Merle Schnauzer is not a genetic mistake by breeders. We were interested in bringing a new exotic look to the great breed of Schnauzers. As our forefathers have done before us we would have to bred in a new breed to make such changes. In doing so breeders have chosen several different breeds to cross bred in. Some of the cross breeding being done had much thought put into genetic's and what new good things would be added to the bred. A warning to all buyer though that some of the cross bred's were done with no thought at all, just wanting to get the Merle gene at any cost. This page is designed to educate you on all cross's. With all crossings of two different pure breeds a whole new set of genetics apply. No matter how many times you use one breed the original genetics still linger from both breeds crossed. As AKC says, "You will still pull genetics for atleast 50 years or more". And we here at the MSCA can prove this by simply asking you who have had a Schnauzers to think about how old the genetics are and how today our little bearded friends are still behaving like their ancestors. They still want to be watch dogs, heard our livestock and be a ratter.

I will go over some history on each breed crossed in, but first for those of you who don't know the history of the Schnauzer, I will start there. Then I will go on with the most popular cross done today and so on.  

Schnauzers are originally a German breed dog, descending during the Middle Ages from herding, ratting and guard dog breeds. They come in three basic sizes (according to AKC).
Giants Schnauzers date back to 1832, weighing from 70 to 100 lbs.. They were used for cattle herding, pig herding and as serious watch dogs. Giant's are playful yet very protective. Some tend to have strong herding instincts. They are a working breed and so they require much exercise. Giant's need good training to avoid being to protective. 

 Standard Schnauzers were the original first size of Schnauzers. All other sizes were created from this size. Standard's have been uses throughout history for many different roles. The modern Standard Schnauzer excels at obedience, tracking, herding, agility and therapy. Standards are very loyal family dogs with guardian instincts. They need lots of exercise since they are considered to be high-energy working dogs.  

Miniature Schnauzers were developed in Germany in the late 1800s. They were originally bred to be ratters on farms. Then with there bold courage they were being used for guarding herds, small farms and families. Mini. Schnauzers are eager to please, making them easy to train. They are very loyal family dogs. Schnauzers were bred down in once again in more recent years to Toy and T-Cup sizes. 

 With all of the Schnauzer sizes they have had cross breeds bred in to change the sizes. For the most part personalities have not changed much, they are all very loyal to family's, fun, playful and trainable. Hair coats can very in all the sizes from course/wiry to very long and soft. Colors have also changed over the years, more so around 1995 (for colors see the color standards page). Appearances of all the sizes mostly remain the same, robust, sturdy, nearly square built.  

Australian Shepherds were originated in the Western United States in the 19th and early 20th centuries. They are commonly called an Aussie. There popularity rose with the boom of Western riding after World War II. For decades Aussies have been valued for their versatility and trainability. They come in two basic sizes.

Standard Aussies were developed for sheep herders for the American terrain and climate. Ranchers needed to have a dog that could handle severe weather, have lots of speed, athleticism, energy, endurance, flexibility, and intelligence, while remaining obedient. Aussie are among the top of the list of intellegent breeds. Standard Aussies are loyal to their familys and are protective of them. 

Mini Aussies were bred down from the standard Aussies. Not much is know about how the breeders did this, but surly a cross was bred in. This was to create a smaller version of the Standard Aussie and to have a gentler dog with less working energy. The Mini Aussie is very loyal to it's family, they can be stand offish to strangers until getting to know them. They are very intellegent with a even disposition. They are good natured and love to please. Aussies were once more bred down in more recent year into Toy and T-Cup sizes. 

And NO Blue merle schnauzers do not have health issues or defects as published by some schnauzer breeders. 

The biggest changes in the sizes are in the personality and energy. Colors have remained the same and the coats have also remained the same. Appearances of all the sizes mostly remain the same sturdy, agile, nice boned dogs.  
Info here is taken from MSCA

I would personally like to clarify some false accusations about the merles. I have bred merles for years and have yet to have ever had a unhealthy beautiful dog produced. I can't  count how many times families have contacted me for a Schnauzer pup and have sadly had to euthanize their Miniature Schnauzer at a young age. I have heard every complaint from Diabetis, Pancreatitis, cataracts causing complete blindness,front shoulders and his dislocating from genetic abnormalities. Cancers,and the list goes on and on. Why is it that I have had nohing like this in my dogs? I have only purchased my breeding dogs from the excellent reputable breeders in the U.S.
  I have found the opposite in the merles. I find them to be far softer in 99 percent of cases. More thick beautiful coats, and such submissive loving calm personalities.  
   The Merle Gene is a submissive Gene that in itself id NOT a harmful gene.Yes their are unethical breeders who breed merle to Merle..
   I only own registered merles with full lineage. Our Miniature Schnauzers come from a very well established bloodline . We are now on our 9th Generation and can honestly say we have had 0 issues whatsoever.
  I also would like to add that I have been contacted by CKC Breeders of Miniature schnauzers in Canada now on several occasions asking to purchase a Blue Merle puppy with breeding rights and registration.I refused to sell them one as I am very confident in the dogs and reputation I have made for myself and do not want to risk my lines breeding other lines in Canada and coming back pointing a finger at  my good health history because he or she was bred to a Bloodline I have no idea about.May I ad these breeders have actually posted cruel comments on their websites about the Blue merles as if they are a defective gene .
   I as a breeder and proud of all our dogs, I would never breed a dog I thought or knew would spread sadness and  health issues  to families. I am in this because it is my passion. I LOVE animals I love grooming bathing trimming nails. I love what I do. I love to do the best job possible raising quality puppies for families. Nothing is more rewarding than previous adoptive families contacting me with pictures and updates and enjoying puppies we have invested so much of ourselves into from Birth to 8 weeks.
  There are all kinds of accusations about the blue eyed schnauzers on the internet. These Schnauzers are registered by the AKC. So unless proven otherwise with DNA they are Miniature Schnauzers.Those breeders who feel there should be only 3 colors. Thats their choice. I am breeding for  fun loving healthy pets.Is everything you read on the internet FACT? or Fiction? people can write things on the internet all they want. It does not mean it is always the truth. I have spent thousands upon thousands to breed these dogs. I love the colors. I love the temperaments. and to answer about a picture I see a lot on the internet about merle schnauzers. It shows a deformed puppy with bulging eyes out the side. This is a craniofacial abnormality. Just like when people have  babies born with a cleft lip or palate.  These can happen in any mammal  pregnancy and in any breed of dog. It is a defect where something is interrupted during pregnancy at the time of the two sides of the face closing.I have personally seen this deformity in a barn kitten. And a cockapoo at birth.I have had some birth defects in all my breeds from time to time. And Im not ashamed to say that. All breeders will eventually have some birth defects. Just like it happens to human pregnancies. My own daughter was born with a cleft lip and palate.She is not a merle! HA!!!! Birth defects are a  a fact of life. 
  Do you honestly feel there is a Schnauzer show breeder who would tell others they had a non conformance color born in their litter?
     Again we are proud of our beautiful healthy Blue merles. And will continue to bring joy and love to upcoming families who love the fun colors,beautiful soft Mega coats , and calm dispositions.Many CKC breeders do line breeding for fancier colors.I personally won't do this.

Wether I am a CKC breeder or not does not define wether I am a good breeder. How I care for my animals,what I invest into the health of my animals, and my honestly to my adoptive families is far more important to me.The History behind the dog I am breeding to give birth to healthy pups is far more a priority to me. I own dogs as many as 8 Generations back with NO health issues whatsoever.  Those are the dogs I love to carry on to make my new breeding dogs with, dogs who have a great track record.I want to bless families with the healthiest dog I can possibly produce and raise.
    Certainly raising deformed merles with serious health issues would not bring me any pleasure, or satisfaction. Happy families always make my hard effort worth it all!
"Master Pooper scooper"
I Am A Breeder
This is long and well worth the time...

I am a breeder 
My food receipts for a family of 6 and my dog food bills match 
My water bill has doubled 
My electric has tripled 
It is I, a breeder, who when my fridge quit, saved the dog meds and let the food go bad. 
My feet find the way to the kennel before I have even grabbed a cup of coffee in the morning and the kennel is my last stop before bed. 
While my friends are on a cruise to the Bahamas and my family meets for Christmas I am home delivering puppies 
Sometimes I live with the guilt of not investing more into family time, while I watch other mothers and feel sometimes I have failed.Investing so much of myself into my animals.
I haven't had a vacation in 15 years, but maybe soon. 
All plans are made around heat dates, whelp dates and vet dates. 
I shower and 10 minutes later my kids say I smell like a dog 
My clothes are all stained with fecal matter, urine, afterbirth or bleach 
I have to remember to clean my shoes before church 
Most of my friends breed dogs - who else can you call at 3 am for support? 
Who else has the experience I sometimes need, the med I sometimes need, or just an uplifting word I sometimes need ? 
Who else would understand how it feels to have invested hours and hours and hours in a weak puppy to lose it? 
Or the joy in investing hours in one that lives? 
I have slept on the floor beside a litter until the crucial 2 weeks have passed. 
I have bottle fed a litter of 12..feeding every 2 hours and it taking 90 minutes to do for weeks at a time. 
I have learned to be proficient at micro chipping, vaccinations, sub q fluids, bottle feeding and tube feeding. 
my vet knows me by first name 
the vet knows my children 
the vet now knows my grand children 
my vet knows it was I who added on the wing to the vet clinic 
I am a breeder 
It is to me that 63 days takes on new meaning still excited by every new life 
It is I who delivers all my pups, towels and heat lamps on ready happiness and sadness sometimes intermingled 
Even though it increases my work load, I look forward to the 10 day stage when eyes open, and puppies begin to emerge from the helplessness of newborns. 
Puppy breath, a first bath, and a heart of exploration. 
I am not uneducated, unemployable, illiterate or lazy as some Animal Rights folks would imply of breeders. 
I am a conscientious lover of animals and I have found my niche. 
I am a breeder. 
And although I feel no shame there is a part of me that feels the need to hide from powers that could come to invade my home and take my dogs ...maybe for finding a mild infraction, a leaf in the water dish? 
A kennel not yet cleaned for the day? 
A rash I am home treating? 
I tell my children to hush, do not tell others we are dog breeders, and I wonder when did breeding puppies go into the same secret place as criminal activity? 
I am a breeder and I am not cruel, dumb, uncaring or criminal. 
I am not raking in money while sitting on my butt. 
Every penny I make I earn through blood, sweat and tears. 
A huge portion of what I earn goes back into investing into testing ,Vet bills, dentals,medical supplies ,importing new bloodlines,and dog food.
My greatest joy is a healthy puppy and a wonderful home. 
The cards of thanks and the pictures of my puppy with its new family is the fringe benefits of my efforts. 
I am an animal lover, nurse, midwife, heavy laborer, customer service representative, and marketer. 
 I wouldn't swap the messes,long nights,and dirty farm clothes,puppy lovings and care for a mansion in the city.
  God has blessed me so much with all the love around me. All the animals who need my love and care.
I am a breeder

"Master Pooper scooper"
In all my years of breeding schnauzer I have never had such wonderful mellow smart loving dogs as the merle.These bloodlines came out of one of the best rated Schnauzer breeders in America.They are not a blue merle schnauzer  bred to just any schnauzer . We  are careful who we select and where our  registered dogs come from. The history of the parents and grandparents and great grand parents etc. are what matters the most to us.
    We now have 8 Generations and are so pleased with our Schnauzers. I cannot say we have ever had a health issue.We have had many returned happy families.

This has been a very busy time and I have fallen behind between puppy care farm animals rescue dogs and so many requests for puppies.We have decided to have all people applying for a puppy to please email in a application form at the bottom of this page.If you are wanting a pup now please text us right after filling out our application at 780-679-4425.

Please make sure you indicate in your application form wether you want a puppy NOW or later?
    I have had my ph acting up and it has dropped a lot of messages and contacts. PLEASE TEXT ME AGAIN  now to my new ph same number especially if you feel I have not answered you.
if you have filled an application out then please feel free to text me and let me know if you are wanting a pup very soon.

Do you text? If so #
Best ph to reach you at?
What breed are you inquiring about ?
What sex? Male female? or  either sex?
What time in the year would you like to bring a puppy home? 
How many hours a day will puppy be home alone each day? What are your arrangements?
Which litter are you wanting a puppy from according to dates and colors?
Do you understand ALL our puppies come with a mandatory Spay/Neuter contract by 6 months of age?
How old are your children?
Have you owned a dog before?
Do you want the puppy flown Air cargo?

Thank you for your interest and application. Please note, the families who are wanting to adopt from our current litters or next litter coming up will be responded to first as we have so many inquiries to go through a day.We will get back to you if you are wanting one later also.
   Thank you Christian Doodles (Karen)
Contact and Application form

So many families have contacted us wishing to own a Hypoallergenic soft coated wheaten terrier. However found the breed too large in city. We have bred one litter that turned out to be a huge success of Wheaten terrier bred to Miniature Schnauzer through Artificial insemination this time. We are thrilled to announce we now have a new litter born.
   Schnauzers are non shedding hypoallergenic and extremely intelligent and dedicated to their families. They have a long life span.
  Wheaten terriers are also Hypoallergenic non shedding but much larger. These hearty cross Hybrids should  should mature  at approx 20 lb 25 max . Dad is Theodore Mega coated 12 lb Miniature Schnauzer Cleared for DNA panels and PRA. Mom is 32 lb Soft Coated Wheaten terrier and parentage cleared x 14 years of PRN and PRA testing.
   Both parents are registered purebreds.
     Pics shown are of previous litter. 
Currently available is male and female pups. Please contact by text at 780 679 4425. Application is at bottom of page to be filled out before texting us please.
   These beautiful pups with fantastic coates will be ready to go  Aug  11 2017
Please make sure you send me a text AFTER you fill out a application as I am so busy with puppy care and the farm that I find it hard to call everyone back.

 Thank  you
Hi Karen! 

I've been meaning to email you and thank you so much for allowing Tater Tot to come into our lives. We love him so much and rush home every day just to see him and get our daily kisses and cuddles. 
He is enrolled in puppy school and doing so well! He's so smart and loves to play with other puppies. He is AMAZING with strangers and loves to greet everyone with a kiss and a cuddle. He loves chewing on everything, especially our shoes and everything but his chew toys (which he has a million of). His favourite treat is dehydrated chicken and his favourite trick to perform is roll over. 

When I took him to the vet for his boosters, the vet was so impressed with his healthy and with the level of vaccinations and deworming that he came home with. She commented 'this is an amazing breeder who obviously loves and cares for her dogs. I've never seen a puppy with such good care'. The vet tech said to me "Usually, I don't like Wheaten Terriers - they're also so spazzy and mean. Yours is so social and sweet! What an amazing puppy!"

We feel the exact same way! We love how kind and sweet he is and how easy he is to handle because of all the hard work we know you put into him and his care. 

I know you mentioned you might get out of breeding Wheatens, but I sincerely hope that you don't because you're the only breeder we would ever trust to get Tater a little brother or sister. 

Thank you again for all that you do. You are a pleasure to work with and thank you for all your advice and time and care you gave to us.


Warner, Susanne and Tater Tot Brown 
If you would like to reserve a pup from our new litter please fill out the form and send me a text or call at 780-679-4425
Deposits are 200 to hold a puppy to approved homes.
Thank you karen
 FULL Genetic Testing completed on both parents .

 Our cockapoos are from Purebred American Cocker Spaniels.
Sires are Purebred Miniature Poodles.
Puppies will mature to anywhere from 15-22 lb depending on 
sex and genetics.

We do our best to breed healthy good tempered dogs.

1) Thoroughly vet checked and immunized. 

2) They will come home with a vet certificate of health
  and proof immunizations to date from a licensed Veterinarian.

3) Several dewormings 

4) Health Guarantee

5) Microchip implant

  All parents are CLEARED with DNA testing for 

2)Degenerative Myelopothy
3)Exercise induced Collapse
4)Familial Nepropathy
5) Glycogen storage disease VII, PFK Deficiency
6)Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Progressive Rod-cone degeneration
7)Von Willebrand Disease 1
9)GM2 Gangliosidosis
The most beautiful gift made for us from a client this year.
We are so grateful for such appreciation and kindness.
  This will be mounted on our wall in our Nursery Room.

This has been a dream of mine to produce a strong Hybrid Cross bred dog. Due to the small gene pools and the inherited genetic health issues known to the different breeds we successfully have bred two litters now of Soft coated wheaten terrier to Schnauzer. Samples of past litter posted above.
  This time we did the three cross. Soft coated wheaten with no health issues and bred to miniature poodle . Tigger is whoodle raised by us then tested and bred back now to Schnauzer.  
  Soft coated Wheaten terriers have beautiful Hypoallergenic coats.However not necessarily long life spans.
  Schnauzers are hypoallergenic and are known for long life spans and are loving and dedicated to their owners. Extremely smart breed.
  Poodles are the worlds second most intelligent breed. Hypoallergenic,loving and known for long life spans.

  All parents have had full genetic panels and are clear.
  Dad to this litter is Scooby on our schnauzer page.

  Puppies should mature at 15 to 20 lb. We will have a better estimate on weight at about 7 weeks of age.
  They will be doggie door trained for cold temperatures and snow.

  The health risks should be far less likely than a purebred.

$2000.00 Plus GST To approved homes. Hypoallergenic and Fully Genetic tested parents.
  Ready to go November 24
Farm work avoider
 Puppy personality selector
Due to the high volume of calls and trying to keep up with all our socializing and animal care, Please make sure to text me if you want a puppy out of any current litter. This will help us attend to the NOW families easier.
Thanks karen

780 679 4425
All puppies are trained to go through a doggie door starting at 4 weeks of age. They soon learn to run outside on their own even in cold temperatures.Snow and cold and rain does  not  phase  them. 
5 week old pups playing in the snow. They are already trained to use the washroom outside.
  We train them at 4 weeks and playing out in the snow they love!
Degenerative Myelopathy

Canine degenerative myelopathy, DM

 Myotonia Congenita (Schnauzer Type)

Congenital myotonia, Inherited myotonia, Myotonia, Myotonia hereditaria

 Persistent Müllerian duct syndrome
Coagulation Factor V11 Deficiency

GM2 Glandiosidosis(Sandhog Disease)



Von Willebrand Disease 1

ALL of our Schnoodles and Schnauzers puppies are cleared by parentage.

West Jet has been just wonderful with flying our pups all over Canada. they are in a heated Pressurized area in the plane.

We do our best to breed healthy good tempered dogs.

1) Thoroughly vet checked and immunized. 

2) They will come home with a vet certificate of health
  and proof immunizations to date from a licensed Veterinarian.

3) Several dewormings 

4) Health Guarantee

5) Microchip implant

  All parents are CLEARED with DNA testing for 

2)Degenerative Myelopothy
3)Exercise induced Collapse
4)Familial Nepropathy
5) Glycogen storage disease VII, PFK Deficiency
6)Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Progressive Rod-cone degeneration
7)Von Willebrand Disease 1
9)GM2 Gangliosidosis
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Ready to go 
2 vaccines
Black MALE Mini schnauzer
Good coat! should mature to 12-15 lb.
Very mellow and loving, Submissive and humble. This whole litter has had such calm temperaments 
Sample of a previous litter
Now accepting deposits on our Cockapoo Litter due June 22 and  July 5   Puppies will be ready to go at 8 weeks of age.Please apply below .
Now accepting deposits on our Cockapoo Litter due June 22 and  July 5   Puppies will be ready to go at 8 weeks of age.Please apply below .
Now taking a 200 non refundable deposit to hold a space on our wait list for 
Our upcoming WHOODLES

Fully Genetic Tested for over 150 conditions on both parents.

I have recently fallen in love with standard poodles. They have got to be the most loyal loving funny mild mannered non barking dogs I have ever met.

  We are now taking deposits of 200 to hold a spot for our upcoming litter.

Mom is 30 lb smaller STANDARD POODLE "Blossom" completely genetic tested for over 150 inheritable genetic conditions. As are her parents. PEN Hip on both parents to mom.
Blossom is imported from the U.S.

Dad is "Major"  our outstanding calm loving SOFT COATED WHEATEN TERRIER imported from California.
  Major has been our stud to many gorgeous  soft coated wheaten litters. He is very calm loving non barker completely genetic tested for over 150 inheritable genetic conditions.

Please fill out our short application at bottom and then send me a text. We are now taking deposits on our

MINI LITTER (maturing at about 17 to 20 lb
STANDARD LITTER maturing full Soft coated wheaten size around 35 to 45 lb.. 

Due July 23 approx and ready to go end of September.

Thank you karen

Sample of a whoodle. Not ours.
This Whoodle is from the breeder we purchased our sire from in California.
If you would like to reserve a pup from our new litters please fill out the form and and make sure you send me  a text at  780-679-4425
  My ph is ringing almost non stop and I cannot possibly answer all calls but am responding by text.

Deposits are 200 to hold a puppy to approved homes.
Thank you  karen
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier / Poodle
Standard and Mini
Parents tested and cleared negative for carrying these genes.
Available male Black Miniature Schnauzer