We sold our home in the city and followed our dream and  moved to the country to live the simple life.
we have been breeding quality family raised dogs for 14 years now.
My children take an active role in raising ,socializing and caring for the puppies and their mothers.

Separating Milk  
Home made Gouda cheese-karens hobby..
Abi and the dogs watch the milk seperate to make homemade yogurt for the dogs
Karens Favorite comic picture
Emily and her pony CODY
Emily and Abi try milking Charity..
     while she waits so patiently.
OHIO  our Timber Wolf cross keeps all the Coyotes off our land
Opal is Grown now and is also retired and just one of our well loved Couch poatatoes!We call her   "Opaly-Bo-Paly"
We also have  a  great love for animals in need and have been successful in rescue...and rehoming dogs into loving families
A FUN filled birthday with friends and Horses!!!And "Trouble" leading the party
Abi enjoys playing dress-up with   her poodle "Willow"
Free time at the Long Term care Centre  visiting with puppies, and adult wheatens and schnauzers.
What better animal to love than a devoted canine! It is always such a blessing  to us to see the elderly get so much out of snuggling a dog!
The Wheaten Puppies have fun running over the horse  pasture at play time.
Playing on the trampolene with the wheaten puppy
"Trouble" is retired from having Cockapoos and follows our heels everywhere we  go out here.!Trips to the barn are her favorite to watch all the horses and cows fed.  
We Socialize our pups with other dogs on the farm large and small .This  makes their  experience out in the real world  with other canines as comfortable and familiar as possible.
Cockapoo     LOVE!!
Our first cockapoo pic for our ad 14 years ago with Abigail and one out of our very first litter.
Emily churning the cream
water play 
Abi and Maggie
Watching Tinka  our Jersey deliver her calf was a real treasured moment
This Picture won 1 st place in a photo contest we entered.
Megan playing piano at the church christmas Dinner
  Megan enjoys being a part of the worship team at our local church
Summer 2011 we had help from friends to completely reinsulate and refinish  the inside of our dog building.Puppies learn to go though their doggie door from 4 weeks of age and will only use the washroom outside no matter what weather conditions
Taking in a rainbow this summer at the end of the drive way
Catching a 4 AM fligh to  Winnipeg                             Chore time
Megan sleeps on the floor beside Gracies cage after surgery
Lunch in the driveway...of course its a dogs world out here...We are convinced our dogs do not know they are dogs! Ha
Home made 6 probiotic Yogurt from raw milk
Visiting the local jersey Dairy
Tinker our Jersey cow
Tinkers calf was born Feb 19.Sadly he passed away shortly after birth so we had to make a mad rush to adopt a new baby fo Tinker.The local jersey dairy was kind enough to sell us a little Girl we names "Marigold" for Tinker to love.
Heating fresh cows milk to make Kefir for ourselves and the dogs.
Our little acreage
I have always had a special place in my heart for seniors.Especially shut ins in Long term.They seem to exist while the rest of the world goes on.However visiting and spending time with them is just as rewarding for us.We listen to their stories of years ago,and feel so blessed to brighten their day with some love and compassion.
another day of visting and fun
Thank you for visiting our family page of pictures!
grooming days can get pretty hairy around here :-)
Our Precious Kita
steals the laundry basket for a nap!
Play time in the pasture
making Butter together,and some laughs too!!
Abi and Suzie gathered the eggs together..It was hot day!.
Learning how to ring a lamb
These 3 schnauzers we rescued from horrific living conditions..they have all been spayed and homed.
Theodore tries to win our vet' s heart over with kisses :-)
Begging for 1 st place in our bed
Marley our rescue Kitty has her snack before heading out to the Long term care facility to visit seniors unable to go out for christmas day 

  Christmas is  lots of fun..we dressed the schnauzers and Marley the cat up in Christmas costumes and went room to room visiting at the long term care facility.
Like mother like daughter.
Megan with her 30 year old horse ROLO
83 year old grama out for a cruise on a friends quad.
We have watched and learned so many new things about the country life...Every day is a new learning curve for us.
Jingles and Diva out exploring the acreage

We cannot go away even for a night and leave the furry family...so we spend free time with the horses..loveeeeeeee horses.
I Am A Breeder
This is long and well worth the time...

I am a breeder 
My food receipts for a family of 6 and my dog food bills match 
My water bill has doubled 
My electric has tripled 
It is I, a breeder, who when my fridge quit, saved the dog meds and let the food go bad. 
My feet find the way to the kennel before I have even grabbed a cup of coffee in the morning and the kennel is my last stop before bed. 
While my friends are on a cruise to the Bahamas and my family meets for Christmas I am home delivering puppies 
I haven't had a real vacation in 7 years, but maybe soon. 
All plans are made around heat dates, whelp dates and vet dates. 
I shower and 10 minutes later my kids say I smell like a dog 
My clothes are all stained with fecal matter, urine, afterbirth or bleach 
I have to remember to clean my shoes before church 
Most of my friends breed dogs - who else can you call at 3 am for support? 
Who else has the experience I sometimes need, the med I sometimes need, or just an uplifting word I sometimes need ? 
Who else would understand how it feels to have invested hours and hours and hours in a weak puppy to lose it? 
Or the joy in investing hours in one that lives? 
I have slept on the floor beside a litter until the crucial 2 weeks have passed. 
I have bottle fed a litter of 12..feeding every 2 hours and it taking 90 minutes to do for weeks at a time. 
I have learned to be proficient at micro chipping, vaccinations, sub q fluids, bottle feeding and tube feeding. 
my vet knows me by first name 
the vet knows my children 
the vet now knows my grand children 
my vet knows it was I who added on the wing to the vet clinic 
I am a breeder 
It is to me that 63 days takes on new meaning still excited by every new life 
It is I who delivers all my pups, towels and heat lamps on ready happiness and sadness sometimes intermingled 
Even though it increases my work load, I look forward to the 10 day stage when eyes open, and puppies begin to emerge from the helplessness of newborns. 
Puppy breath, a first bath, and a heart of exploration. 
I am not uneducated, unemployable, illiterate or lazy as some Animal Rights folks would imply of breeders. 
I am a conscientious lover of animals and I have found my niche. 
I am a breeder. 
And although I feel no shame there is a part of me that feels the need to hide from powers that could come to invade my home and take my dogs ...maybe for finding a mild infraction, a leaf in the water dish? 
A kennel not yet cleaned for the day? 
A rash I am home treating? 
I tell my children to hush, do not tell others we are dog breeders, and I wonder when did breeding puppies go into the same secret place as criminal activity? 
I am a breeder and I am not cruel, dumb, uncaring or criminal. 
I am not raking in money while sitting on my butt. 
Every penny I make I earn through blood, sweat and tears. 
My greatest joy is a healthy puppy and a wonderful home. 
The cards of thanks and the pictures of my puppy with its new family is the fringe benefits of my efforts. 
I am an animal lover, nurse, midwife, heavy laborer, customer service representative, and marketer. 
I am a breeder
Written by Lori Hallfrisch and she gives permission to cross-post anywhere it will help our cause!
Puppy socializer and excellent match maker for canine and family
"Master Pooper scooper"
"the best work avoider on the property"​

Vet check day!.. another source of socialization for the furry kids out in the big new world!
a flight coming in with a special package of 2

Abigail helping with the pups bi weekly deworming
Some extra socialization at our vet checks
Abi made the front cover of a Canadian Pet magazine last year. We thought that was pretty neat!
Margie and Surprise decided the hay wasn't as sweet as sneaking through a forgotten gate to the front yard. The cow girls got pretty intrigued with the schnauzer kids playing in the front yard. However Mary poppins decided she was getting out of there fast!
Mary poppins
Candy Man
Our house dogs  play outside in their little yards during the day time in summer.
and have a large playground  in and around the trees!
Doc and Abi out for a drive
Margie came home at 2 hours old in the back seat of our mini van. She is now 7 years old and due to have a baby near christmas time this year
Megan                                Leah                Karen
Abigail         Emily
"Alf" is our new addition to our family this year.   He was going through a meat horse Auction and we fell in love at first sight. He had some awful sores  and is now trusting us.. he brings a lot of laughs and joy to the seniors.in long term care.  He is quite the little gentleman.
Can i go with them ???                                                          Wait come back come back
Snuggles in the long term care centre

  This little sweetie we found in the barn. Her siblings had passed away. mom did not come back. We warmed her and started tube feeding her. She did a great comeback at only 1 day old.
   Megan knit her a tiny sweater. She seems to think we are her parents
Summer 2016
Lilly was a severe epileptic we welcomed into our family. She taught us so much about love. A heart of gold. She would talk to us in her doggie talk and make funny noises. Sadly after 5 years of having our Lilly in our life we had to make the terrible decision to put her down and say Goodbye. The seizures were not manageable anymore from our vets.We will never forget her. She holds a special place in our hearts.
Gracey                                       Lilly
Gracey recuperating after a Hip operation
She had been hit by a vehicle. She is our baby she is now 10
Gypsy our rescue... hoping she can have a time coffee too hahahaha
Off to weekend square dancing in the country
Bush Gardens Florida. My dad took me repeatedly to visit the animals. This me Karen at 9 years old
visiting the US from Guyana
Forest Gump is the star of our family. he was born with a rare condition "NOT GENETIC" called Cerebral Hyperplasia. 
He is the love of our life. he goes everywhere we go!